Here’s a compilation of remixes I’ve made

One of my favorite things to do when I’ve got nothing else too important to work on is remix random songs. some old, some new, some completely out of left field.
Over the years I’ve done a bunch of these and given them away for free (cause I’m cool like that) but I figured it might be nice to put a bunch of them in a folder and give them all away at once. So, dig in…enjoy these random remixes I’ve made over the last 10 years or so.

1)A dream: Donny Hathaway
2)Lost and lookin’: Sam Cooke
3)Nobody’s fault: Nina SImone
4)Fidelity: Regina Spektor
5)Bitch better have my money: Rihanna
6)I can’t feel my face: The Weeknd
7)Classic man: Jidenna
8)Dead hands:The Skins
9)Hot knife: Fiona apple
10)Nina simone mash up
11)Sunny Smash and bash: Various artists
12)Yesterday is Here: Tom Waits
Download link HERE
Alternate link here:

Repost: All of my non-Aesop album tracks. EVER.

So, someone on facebook recently hit me up asking about some random track I did a long time ago and I was reminded of these three compilations. Basically, I took all the tracks (at least the ones that i remembered and could find) that I’ve ever produced that weren’t on Aesop albums, and gave you three installments of music. All in all, 39 songs. Some very rare, some, not so much. But, I figure there are a lot of people out there who like having everything. This should suffice. Some of this stuff dates back to the late 90’s so, you know, this is some throwback shit right here.
It should also be noted that these were compiled before I did any of the albums with Illogic, Billy Woods and Marq Spekt so, obviously, I’m not including those. Also, go buy those. Help me buy that picture of a yacht I’ve been eyeing.
Anyway, here is a ton of free music. Enjoy and please never tell me I never gave you anything.
1)Apology: Vast Aire & Aesop Rock

2)Meditation: Johnny 23

3)Smokin’ them trees: Blair Cosby (AKA Camu Tao)

4)In Crowd: Chase Phoenix

5)A thousand apologies: Chase Phoenix

6)Hotel no motel:Lodeck
7)Scenester: Cage

8)Tough Guy: Chase Phoenix

9)Beautiful Disease: Lodeck

10)Blood boy: Cage

11)Get rich (or try dying): Despot

12)Killing time: Illogic Feat. Aesop Rock

13)Unicycle (water cycle): Cryptic One
1)Substance D: Despot

2)Twenty Something: Chase Phoenix

3)Stripes: Cage

4)Feed me grapes: Lodeck

5)Mermaid pornography: Mac Lethal

6)Love to fuck: S.A. Smash feat. Aesop Rock

7)Room the breath: Hangar 18

8)Struggles: Vordul Mega

9)Haunting:Chase Phoenix

10)Bicycle(Gold cycle): Cryptic 1

11)I pollute: Lodeck

12)Tuscon: Isaiah Toothtaker
1)Applause: Lodeck

2)Crap Artists: Despot

3)Too Heavy for Cherubs: Cage

4)The west Wing: Hangar 18

5)Fishin’!: Blair Cosby (AKA Camu Tao)

6)Happy Pillz: Murs Feat Aesop Rock

7)Secret Agents: Chase Phoenix Feat. Aesop rock

8)Sticky Pigs Feet: Chase Phoenix

9)Midnight Manhattan: Mac Lethal

10)Demon-str8: Lodeck

11)PAtience: Chase Phoenix

12)Miss By a Mile: Slug, Eyedea and Aesop Rock

13)Tricycle: Cryptic 1

14)Winds Know Better: Isaiah Toothtaker Feat WitchDoctor

It’s so cold out, I made a mix

I don’t know where you live but if you’re anywhere near the northeast coast of North America right now, you’re probably wearing long johns and hating life. It’s frigid out and has been for over a week. I’m fairly certain it’s not just us (screw you Australia!). My house is struggling. My heat is week and I’ve slept in a sweater and sweatpants under two comforters the last three nights. In honor of this occasion, I put together a compilation of songs that one could listen to while sitting inside , feeling miserable about the weather , possibly wrapped up in a blanket. Mostly mellow, mostly depressing, these songs can incapsulate the feeling of never wanting to leave your bed.
Over the years, I’ve given away a lot of these types of mixes so, let it be known, there’s a good chance a bunch of these songs are songs I’ve uploaded before. For that, I’m sorry. But, also, it’s free so go fuck yourself. I can’t possible keep track of that kinda stuff. This blog is 4 years old now. It’s got a mind of it’s own.
So, for the rest of you, enjoy these songs. It’s a mix of soul, jazz and a few more random genres thrown in for good measure. There’s even a Bruce Springsteen song on there for christ sake and I don’t even like “The boss”. So, have at it and,most of all, stay warm.

Download here!
1)Colours: Donovan
2)If you let me: Eddie Kendrick
3)I’ll take care of you: Bobby “blue” Bland
4)Help the poor: BB King
5)In the rain: The dramatics
6)Paper Tiger: Beck
7)Soul Lament: Kenny Burrell
8)Spaced Cowboy: Sly and the family stone
9)Winter in America: Gil Scott Heron
10)Young Liars:Tv on the Radio
11)Coffee Cold: Galt Macdermot
12)I cry in the morning: Dennis Olivieri
13)State Trooper: Bruce Springsteen
14)Yesterday is here: Tom Waits
15)You are mine: Eddie Ray
16)Celestial Blues: Andy Bey
17)Free Ride: Nick Drake
18)The time for us: Joe Pass
19)High Street: Magic Carpet
20)Star Children: The mighty RIders
21)The evening news: Cee-lo
22)California Dreaming: Lee Moses
23)Down by the river: buddy Miles
24)Don’t know why: O.V. Wright
25)Isn’t it a pity: The three Degrees
26)Man oh man: The Impressions

So many remixes…More gifts.

I don’t know what it is about this new year that’s got me in the giving mood. Yesterday was an old Aesop demo and today, I give you this…a 20 track compilation of remixes I’ve done over the years. Some are rappers, some are singers and some are old soul songs I felt like putting a new spin on. As a thank you to all my readers and supporters , I give you this. Hopefully , there will be songs you’ve never heard or have been looking for. Enjoy!

Blockhead Remixes galore!
1)Bring it on: Organized Konfusion
2)A dream: Donny Hathaway
3)Footdown: Del the funkee Homosapian
4)Nobody’s fault: Nina Simone
5)Paper Float: Cassettes Won’t Listen
6)69 Guns: Rival Schools
7)Baking Soda:Hangar 18
8)Benjiman segal: Nacho Picasso
9)DMCA: Billy Woods
10)Black Arc: Armand Hammer
11)Go there: Chin Chin
12)Hot Knife: Fiona Apple
13)Limelighters: Aesop Feat. Camp Lo
14)Look Alive: Despot
15)Lord knows: Double AB Feat Roc Marciano
16)Meter Feeder: Hail Mary Mallon
17)New folk songs for new buildings:Freshkills
18)Omega 3: Cult favorite Feat Billy Woods
19)Radio dial: PRemRock & Willie green
20)Tinsletown: Billy Woods Feat Marq Spekt and LoDeck

Tony Bones: A look back at someone you probably never heard of

A question that pops up fairly often , at least in the “answers for questions” part of this blog, is whether or not I listen to rappers from other countries. The answer is always “not really…” but what I really wanna say is “Definitively no BUT there is one dude who was an exception”. That person is an underground rapper from NY (Not sure if he was from new Rochelle, Yonkers or even an actual borough) by way of the UK named Tony Bones. Tony Bones was a guy who used to pop up on Stretch Armstrong and Bobitto’s radio show now and then during the mid to late 90’s that I was obsessed with. Perhaps it was his minimal output. Perhaps it was that he was indeed a british rapper that “worked” for me. Or maybe it was just that he was straight up good and entertaining as an MC. Who knows? Whatever the case, his random radio appearances, demo leaks and guest spots on Mr. Live songs were something I always looked forward to.
Over 15 years later, I can’t say I’m checking for him much. I mean, shit, he never even put out a proper solo release. Not even a 12” (as far as I know). That said, I still can go back and check his stuff out and enjoy it. That’s saying a lot considering how poorly a lot of underground rap from that era has aged. He was clever, had a smooth flow and he actually made rapping in a british accent sound cool (shout out to SLick Rick though cause , as we all know, he’s the only other dude to pull this off on a large scale level).
Last I heard, he had long quit rapping and was designing clothing for Akademiks or some shit. This was something I heard a long time ago so who knows what he’s actually up to. Wherever he is, I hope he is well cause he made a young me very happy in the 90’s.
I figured it might be cool to compile all the Tony Bones stuff I had and let you guys peep it. This is by no means a complete compilation of the mans work, but it’s all the shit I have. If you own more, feel free to share it in the comments. I’d certainly appreciate it.
Oh and PS, to all the people who will no doubt be outraged at me not liking other UK sounding rap, deal with it. I can’t help what I like and dislike. I’m not saying that stuff is bad, it’s just not for me. I think the reason Tony Bones works for me is cause , while he has the accent, he still rapped like an american. USA USA!!! (just kidding…calm down, european people)
Here’s a run down of the songs and the link:

1)Tony Bones Freestyle from Stretch and Bobbito

This was the first thing I ever heard by him. I was an immediate fan
2)Mr Live and Tony Bones 89.9 Promo
You will notice many of his songs are with his right hand man MR. Live AKA J-Live (not that one…). While Mr. Live is fine and dandy it definitely was always a wish of mine to get more solo joint with just Bones on them…
3)Hold me Back Feat. Mr. Live
An unreleased demo produced by Pharaoh Monch
4)Freestyle from stretch featuring Mr. Live and Breezly Bruin
This is some classic shit right here. Not only do all three of them go in on it but they rap over some never heard before beats off a Pharaoh Monch beat tape
5)Come inside
6)Deep in your bones

Both of those are demos as well. Organized Konfusion has their hands all over these. Both Prince Po and Monch do small cameos on a few of his solo demos.
7)Hunger Strike
Yet another song with Mr. Live.
8)Current Affair
This is the most recent thing I have by him. It popped up in the 2000’s out of nowhere. No clue who leaked it or what it was for but this is Bones absolutely crushing a terrible drum track. I’d kill for a accapella of this cause it would be remix heaven.
9)Splashing over Monica
This was off a Mr. Live 12”. Not the greatest song ever as the topic is pretty played out but , still, Bones’ verse is pretty entertaining.

Album tracks Vol 2

A couple weeks ago, I did a little compilation of semi-obscure old rap songs that were just good old album tracks. You know, those songs that were never made into videos (for the most part) or got played on the radio (back when that was a thing that mattered). These were always my favorite songs from many of the classic albums of my younger years. There’s a good chance you’ve heard a few of these but an even better chance you haven’t…after’re like in your 20’s, right? Lil’ wayne mixtapes are old school to you people…this shit is like prehistoric. Goddamn I’m old…
anyway, a few of these have probably been “song of the day” on here but most of those old links are down anyway, so this isn’t hurting anyone.
Okaaaaaay? Enjoy…
1)Get into something: Just Ice
2)your man is my Man: Nikki D
3)Where’d you get your bobo’s: Yaggfu front
4)Can’t stop us: Field Mob
5)Couldn’t C it: Young Bleed
6)On the Jazz tip: Maestro Fresh Wes
7)Space Boogie: Kurupt
8)Wrek the art; A.S.A.P.
9)Any way the wind blows: The UMC’s
10)U still a Aggin: Willie D
11)Dope not hype: Nice and smooth
12)In 20 minutes: Extra Prolific
13)The whore said it’s yours: Threat
14)Ya don’t stop: Fesu
15)I don’t need you: Trina Feat. Trick Daddy
16)Thoughts of a negro: School of hard knocks
17)I can’t believe it: Capitol Tax
18)This is a game: The future sound
19)The Blues: Andres 13 (off the first Terminator X solo album)

Some good old album tracks

There was a time when a person would buy a record, cassette or CD and take it home and listen to it. Weird, right? Back in that long lost time, albums had something known as “Singles”. A “single” was the first song off that album that would be leaked to radio stations. It was usually chosen because it was felt that song was the most easily digestible of all the tracks on that album. However, often, the lead single off an album wouldn’t be all that. In fact, in many cases, it was just the artists/labels failed attempt at crossing over to a larger audience. IF you were like me, in those days, you always loved a nice album track. These were the tracks buried on albums. They never got radio play, they never got played at shows…but they were often some of the best tracks on the album.
Because it’s been a while since I made you guys any compilations, I figured this would be as good angle to take.
Basically, there are some of my favorite “lost” (in the sense of forgotten, not rare) album cuts. Some of these are from some somewhat known rappers, others are fairly obscure.
If you’re a young person, these will all be new to you..if you’re old like me (and a rap nerd) this will be a walk down memory lane. Either way, they’re fucking good…Enjoy!
(This is part 1, I’ll post part two in an upcoming week)

Album tracks:
1)Can’t hold back: Dred Scott
2)Heels Without souls: Hard 2 Obtain
3)Mama’s always on stage: Arrested development
4)Southern Friend: P.E.A.C.E.
5)Street sweeper: Da Bushwackass
6)Fake Charades: Lewis Parker
7)Lost in Thought: Funkdoobiest
8)My cheating days are over: Rich Nice
9)The U is Smooth: Grand Daddy I.U.
10)All on my nutsac: Da Lench Mob
11)Cleopatra: YoYo
12)Tru Master; Tru Master
13)Crotch ripper-mad speaker: Trends of culture
14)Lingering: Jak Progresso
15)The streets are a battlefield: KMC
16)Ghetto instinct: Da King & I
17)Well of 100 souls: A-Teem.

P.S. I’m pretty sure I’ve given some of these away on my blog os “song of the day” joints but I can’t keep track of that shit so, you know, if you got’em from me already, let it go. It’s still free, bro.

America…Land of free-pendence-riotism

If you know me, you know I take my americanness very seriously. There is no point of the day where I don’t have an american flag somewhere on my person. Be it in the form of underwear or a neckerchief, you best believe I’m reppin’ the red white and blue like a motherfucker. I’m so American, I survive on only hot dogs and apple pie. 365 days a year. I shit glory and piss indian tears. I’m that fucking american , bro. don’t test me. unless you’re gonna test me on actual american history cause then I’d politely ask you to test me. Test away. I know all about that shit. From that dude who chopped down the tree cause he lied (or some shit) all the way to the day we impeached slavery and beyond. I know my shit. FACT.

So, as you can imagine, today AKA JULY FUCKIN’ 4TH, is a pretty big day for me. To prepare , I tore the rib cage out of some homeless dude (don’t sweat it, he wasn’t a veteran or anything) and turned it into a make shift grill. I will be cooking dawgs , corn (american style) and bratwurst on that shit all day and drinking red white and blue colored beer until I vomit. I also did you guys a favor. I honor of this country, that is perfect in every way possible from the crack babies to most corrupt billionaire, I made you a compilation of songs applicable to such a day. Songs with words like “Freedom” in them…or “America”. You know, good old fashioned american words. So, enjoy.
And take your fucking hat off when they play the national anthem. That joint is a throwback classic, you disrespectful heathen.
(In all seriousness, this mix is kinda dope…Sure, there are some silly songs on here but a few bangers as well…download that shit.
Alternate link:
1)Freedom street:Ken Boothe
2)Freedom:ndikho Xabo
3)United states of whatever: Liam Lynch
4)America, Fuck yeah: Team America
5)America: Wu-ting Clan
6)Amerikka’s most wanted: Ice cube
7)Winter in America: Gil Scott Heron
8)America: Spinal Tap
9)Freedom Train: Jerry Jones
10)Freedom got an A.K. : Da Lench mob
11)It’s America: The Moon Birds
12)American wedding: Frank Ocean
13)Who will survive in America: Kanye West
14)PAtriotic Pimp: Tim Dog
15)I want to be in the land of milk and honey: Vicky Anderson
16)PAtriotism: Company Flow