soul/reggae/jazz Beatles covers


I love the Beatles. But , as amazing the catalogue of music that they have created is , i still love them even more when soul musicians have covered their songs.
Two years ago i got obsessed with collecting as many of these types of Beatles covers as i could get my hands on. at this point i have a decent amount but i’m fairly certain i’m just scratching the surface as to what is actually out there.
so, with that said, here’s two files worth of Beatles covers.
the first is just a random bunch and the second is all “Eleanor Rigby” and “Hey jude” covers cause, well, i got a shit load of those. personally, the Eleanor Rigby covers are my favorite of all these. so, enjoy…
and special thanks to the folks over at the Philaflava message board for hooking me up with lots of these songs. :cheers:

Mix #1

Alternate link:

1)the long and winding road: Aretha Franklin
2)I am the walrus: Freddie McCoy
3)let it be: Aretha Franklin
4)Jealous guy: Donny Hathaway (john lennon cover but whatever, stop knit picking you music snob dickhead)
5)come together: The supremes
6)Yesterday: Roosevelt Greer
7)Rocky raccoon: Lena Horne
8)Hard days night: Dionne Warwick
9)We can work it out: Dionne Warwick
10)A day in the life: Wolfgang Duaner Quartet
11)Yesterday: Marvin Gaye
12)We can work it out: Stevie Wonder
13)Hey jude: Wilson pickett
14)Because: Gary McFarland
15)Eleanor rigby: Don sugarcane Harris

Mix # 2
Alternate link:
1)Eleanor Rigby(live): Ray Charles
2)Eleanor Rigby: The New Apocalypse
3)Het jude: John Holt
4)Eleanor Rigby: Kim weston
5)Hey jude: Overton Berry Trio
6)Hey jude: Ella Fitzgerald
7)Eleanor Rigby: Jackie wilson
8)Eleanor Rigby: jimmy caravan
9)Eleanor Rigby: Third wave
10) Eleanor Rigby: George Shearing

Cover songs galore

I’m a huge fan of cover songs. particularly when they cross genres. here’s a mix of cover songs. mostly soul and reggae with one weird one thrown in (the “eleanor rigby” cover is some weird all boy chorus). check’em out…
1)in the summertime: ken boothe
2)fire and rain: the isley brothers
3)home is where the hatred is: esther phillips
4)season of the witch:lou rawls
5)hey joe:lee moses
6)jealous guy: donny hathaway
7)a poor wayfaring stranger:cliff gober
8)california dreaming: bobby womack
9)ain’t no sunshine:lyn collins
10)be thankful for what you got: donovan carless
11)summertime:al green
12)it’s a shame: anton ellis
13)down by the river:buddy miles
14)eleanor rigby: third wave
15)st. james infirmary: bobby “blue” bland