Song of the day: 9/21/12

C.V. Vault by CVE

In the late 90’s/early 2000’s, some interesting shit was going on in the L.A. underground scene. Formally split down the middle between the gangster acts and the left field movement , the two scene began to meld ever so slightly. C.V.E. was a group that came out of the project blowed camp but they weren’t you’re typical lyric obsessed, take it to the next level type of rappers. They were like the thugged out cousins of freestyle fellowship. Along with rappers like Ellay khule and Volume 10 , they carved their own niche in a scene that was know for being pretty black and white.

This song in particular is off an old compilation called “Foolblown: Inside out Vol. 1” which was released by a small website ( that sold cd’s and wanted to expand their business. At the time, it was a tiny release that only a handful of people were up on but, looking back, it was a pretty big launch pad for a lot of the most popular indie, underground rap artists of the early 2000’s. It featured Atmosphere, Aesop rock, Vast aire, Illogic, Dose one, ect…

I picked this song for the day cause I was reminded of a moment I had when it kinda popped out at me. Both Aesop and I had given this compilation plenty of run back then. We were marveling over Illogic’s song (which is one long verse that he absolutely demolishes) and Aesop was like “That C.V.E. song is interesting too…” this started a discussion and we ended up just sitting there and listening to it together. Weed was involved. But , it was funny cause we both kinda came around to it at the same time. It seemingly didn’t really fit with a lot of what was on that album beat-wise or lyrically but , in a way it was a perfect departure from the majority of the album.