Pick a song, Any song!

Every now and then I like to test the temperature of what you guys are feelings out there. I randomly collect 8 songs I’m fucking with and see what you like best…via the power of voting. Yes, it’s a democracy up in this bitch.
So, without saying anything about the songs or trying to sway your votes with my opinions, i present your options.
All I ask is that you give every song a chance and don’t vote based on a name or cause you assume what you may or may not like the best and don’t even need to check the rest. Also, you may vote for more than one song. Have at it…
Danny Brown-When it Rain

Ugly Frank- Bum Liquor

Bodega Bams-All Eyez off me

Your Old Droog- White rappers

Subcontractors- Throwaway Pistols

DJ JS 1 Feat Breeze Bruin, Homeboy Sandman and Kyle raps- 110 percent

Clams Casino Ft. Vince Staples- All Nite

Marv won-Monkey Business

Poll: Which Danny Brown do you prefer?

Danny Brown is a rapper I’ve been following for as long as I can remember. In an age where rappers get quick fame via the internet but disappear just as quickly, Brown has actually been around for a while. He’s been dropping quality mix tapes and albums since 2007, so were talking the Myspace era. That’s a veteran in 2013 , as far as I’m concerned.
One interesting thing about Brown is his two very specific and extremely different styles that he often uses. He’s got the hyped up, screeching Danny Brown and the more calm (though it’s impossible for him to be truly calm), straight talk Danny Brown. The two almost seem like Jekyll and Hyde. His new album “Old” is dropping soon and I figured why not get a taste of what you guys are thinking about him right now. So, I have a simple question for you today: Which Danny brown do you prefer?
Here are some examples of both:

“Calm” Danny

Hyped Danny

So, what do youthink?

Song of the day/Yay or nay hybrid!

Okay, so two new songs by two artists I greatly enjoy dropped this week. I don’t have download links to them but you can stream them/watch them here.
What i wanna know is which joint do you like more??!?!?
Open Mike Eagle: Qualifiers


Danny Brown: ODB

There can only be one!
Just kidding. But i think both these songs are very dope but also very different. What do you think?

Song of the day 12/2/11

Wake up By Danny Brown and Black Milk
This is a little delayed but I’ve been slacking on listening to new music. Finally got my hands on the “Black and Brown” Ep, which is an album produced entirely by Black Milk with Danny brown Rapping on it. A real Detroit celebration.
Anyway, The Ep is great. I know a few people were thrown off by the experimental production on Danny Brown’s album “XXX” earlier this year , so this album is for those people. It’s Brown rapping over melodic, more traditional boom bap tracks. So, if that’s more your steeze and you were thrown off by “XXX”, this will be your savior. I personally like them both a lot so, to me, it’s just more Danny Brown for me to enjoy.
This dude has had some year, man…

Song of the day 8/18/11

Pac blood By Danny Brown
If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you might have seen me mention the name Danny Brown…a lot. THat’s because he’s one of my favorite rappers doing it right now and , well, I like spreading the word. After a bunch of great mixtapes, and last years fantastic “The Hybrid” album, he’s recently dropped a new album titled “XXX”. It’s actually free, so feel free to forego this one song and just download the entire album over at Fools gold records
Anyway, I like the album a lot. I’m happy to see that he gotten both darker and weirder. With rappers you never really know what direction they’re gonna go. Especially ones on the cusp of blowing up who could easily go the Wiz Kalifa route and fuck up they’re entire career. But Brown didn’t do anything remotely like that. He made an album full of all sorts of songs ranging from hilarious punchline laden verses to introspective songs about real shit to some great abstract weirdo shit.
The song I chose to put up is “Pacs blood”. It’s pretty much just D.B. doing his thing. I’d say it’s one of the more accessible song son the album so it’s a good starting point for those of you who might be skeptical. I also like how they took that famous old sample (Nautilus) and totally gave it a new twist. That’s no easy feat, considering that may very well be the most sampled song in hip hop ever.

Song of the day 1/21/11

Radio head By Danny Brown

I’ve posted a lot of Danny Brown on this blog cause, well, he’s awesome. I just heard this new song and figured I’d share. The beat is retarded. Danny kills it. I swear, listening to him really brings me back to a feeling I don’t get very often anymore. The same youthful excitement I used to get when i was listening to Lord Finesse or Kool G rap back in the day where you’re waiting on every line cause you know he’s gonna deliver. Good shit.

Danny Brown’s Complete discography

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, You know that Danny Brown is pretty much one of the last MC’s out right now that I follow. I’ve put up mixes of my favorite songs by him as well as some “song’s of the day”. Well, fuck all that shit cause Kevin nottingham just hooked it all up at once.

Go there to download all of his mix tapes and even his loose songs/singles. Amazing post. Props to Nottingham for putting it all together.

New Danny Brown Video

As you all know round these parts, I am a strong supporter of all things Danny Brown Related.
He just made a new video for his song “Shootin moves”, so here it is:

On a side note, the video features art by my homeboy Sam Woolley.
Peep his website:
Dope paintings and he also has T-shirts.

while we’re here, he’s Brown’s old video for “Re-up” in case you missed it:

Danny Brown is Dope

A few weeks ago, I got put on to Danny Brown and downloaded one of his mixtapes. It pretty much has become the only thing i’ve been listening to lately so i went ahead and downloaded as many of his other mixtapes i could find. I haven’t even had that much time to sit with them but , after a full day of bumping a large portion of his catalogue (as far as i know it) , I figured it would be a nice move on my part to share the love and hopefully put some people on to a new rapper that is actually good. shocking…I know.
So, here’s a mix of songs by Brown. To be totally honest, some of the titles may be wrong cause the tracks were unmarked and a google search came up with nothing. But , whatever, you get the idea…Enjoy

Danny Brown is Dope
1)Greatest rapper ever
3)Get down
5)Up this high
7)Get the message
10)Bag back
11)Stupid ass
12)The Nana song
13)Do your homework
14)Words on the beat
16)The wizard
17)Marching band
18) Learn about me

Song of the day 4/16/10

Contra By Danny Brown
File this under: New rappers I actually like.
Danny brown is a rapper from Detroit. I only heard him recently and , thus far, I’m liking most of what i’ve heard. He reminds me of a Midwest version of Young Zee . I’ve only peeped one of his mixtapes, but I highly recommend seeking his stuff out.
as a bonus, here’s a video he made.
The first line of this song may very well be the best first line to set a song off EVER: