New Danny Brown Video

As you all know round these parts, I am a strong supporter of all things Danny Brown Related.
He just made a new video for his song “Shootin moves”, so here it is:

On a side note, the video features art by my homeboy Sam Woolley.
Peep his website:
Dope paintings and he also has T-shirts.

while we’re here, he’s Brown’s old video for “Re-up” in case you missed it:

Danny Brown is Dope

A few weeks ago, I got put on to Danny Brown and downloaded one of his mixtapes. It pretty much has become the only thing i’ve been listening to lately so i went ahead and downloaded as many of his other mixtapes i could find. I haven’t even had that much time to sit with them but , after a full day of bumping a large portion of his catalogue (as far as i know it) , I figured it would be a nice move on my part to share the love and hopefully put some people on to a new rapper that is actually good. shocking…I know.
So, here’s a mix of songs by Brown. To be totally honest, some of the titles may be wrong cause the tracks were unmarked and a google search came up with nothing. But , whatever, you get the idea…Enjoy

Danny Brown is Dope
1)Greatest rapper ever
3)Get down
5)Up this high
7)Get the message
10)Bag back
11)Stupid ass
12)The Nana song
13)Do your homework
14)Words on the beat
16)The wizard
17)Marching band
18) Learn about me

Song of the day 4/16/10

Contra By Danny Brown
File this under: New rappers I actually like.
Danny brown is a rapper from Detroit. I only heard him recently and , thus far, I’m liking most of what i’ve heard. He reminds me of a Midwest version of Young Zee . I’ve only peeped one of his mixtapes, but I highly recommend seeking his stuff out.
as a bonus, here’s a video he made.
The first line of this song may very well be the best first line to set a song off EVER: