Yay or Nay: Dem Atlas

Typically, when a rapper sounds “vintage” they rap like either the Cold Crush brothers, Big Daddy Kane or A mixture of the two. Perhaps it’s time for a new type of vintage rapper? Enter Dem Atlas. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the dude. He’s from Minneapolis. He’s young. He may or may not be a new signee to Rhymesayers records. What I do know is that he brings me back to a lot of the left coast rap I loved when I was in my early late teens/20’s. Freestyle fellowship, Pharcyde, Souls of mischief. Pin point, high speed flows delivered with energy and often high voices. It’s not something you hear much anymore. Sure, everyone double times now but his version doesn’t have that bounce to it. It’s more Jay-z on “The Originators” than Jay-z on “Nigga what?”. If I could get really obscure, his voice and flow remind me of a mix between The mystidious Misfits and The Almighty Arrogant. If you’ve heard of either of those groups, though…I’d be impressed (and sad for you cause that means you’re a huge fucking rap nerd like me).
Anyway, the kid can rap. That’s really what I’m getting at. In a strange way he feels like the west coast (although he’s from the midwest) answer to Joey Badass. I mean that in a good way, for the record.
Check out his video

Also, his EP is available if you wanna hear more

I’m curious what you think.