Demo’s and rarities. The final chapter.

Ok, so, thus far, I’ve uploaded two of these compilations of demo’s a rarities from the early/mid 90’s that i’ve collected over the years. I’m not gonna lie, judging from the wordpress stats, this hasn’t been a very popular kinda post. But fuck it…this is the last comp I got anyway so i might as well throw it up.
If you like rare 90’s underground hop hop , you should love all these comps. These are a collection of demo’s, original versions and just all around unknown shit. the majority of these were recorded off the radio (stretch and bob the underground railroad). Because these were taken off the radio, some of the names are just guesses as well as the recording quality isn’t exactly high.
If you like these, peep the others i’ve posted
Here’s the final installment:
1)Hold me back: Tony bones & Mr Live*
2)East/west: The colony*
3) Ohhs and ahhs: First born**
4)Recognize: J-treadz
5)What time it is: Steady serve*
6)Both sides: surge
7)Animailistics: Last emperor
8)Follow for now: G-rock
9)Two flew over the cuckoo’s nest: Genesis*
10)Battle hymn: total pack

* denotes the song title was a guess
** denotes both the artist and the song title are guessed.

Demo’s and rarities PT. 2


Continuing where i left off last time, here are some more rare old hip hop gems from the stretch and bob era.
Some are Demo’s , some are original versions that never saw release. While the quality isn’t exactly awesome this is good stuff all around for all you obsessive nerdy hip hop heads out there (i’m looking at you scandinavians!). Enjoy

1)Problem child : The constant deviants
2)Mr Cee mixtape freestyle: Masta ace, Lord Digga and Paula perry.
3)Lyrical Professor: Genesis
4)Natural elements 89.9 Radio promo
5)Cage and Godfather don 89.9 radio promo
6)Born 2 live (demo version) : OC
7)Spontaneous (alternate version): Leaders of the new school
8)A.E.I.O.U: The arsonists
9)Go down:Akinyele, fat joe and friends (this was before “put it in your mouth”)
10)Supastar (original version): Group home

Fun with old hip hop demo’s!

I gave you some freestyles from some of the old classic NYC underground hip hop radio shows. so, now, I give you demo’s. The majority of these are from Stretch and bobbito with a few random ones from NYU’s radio show and The underground railroad. Most of these acts are pretty much unheard of but a few made waves and even put out albums. forgive the quality on some of these cause all of this was ripped directly off dusty old cassettes.
I got more of these i’m gonna drop on you, so keep an eye open for that.
also, i’m not 100% on all the names of the artists or the songs. some of these were just random demo’s that Bob played once and i kinda guessed on the names. if i’m wrong and you know the right names, lemme know.
1)45 stitches: Eric Green
2)talk about it:Scam
3)Unnamed demo:S.O.S
4)Mysteries of life: Lewis parker (not him solo, but a group he was in prior to his solo work)
5)89.9 Promo: Pumkinhead
6)Bounce to this: Red hot lover tone, Punchline and Wordsworth
7)Maintain: 36 zero and friends
8)Blue: Kurious
9)Triple team: Natural Elements
10)The time is now: Kool Kieth
11)Laughing syndrome: Pumpkinhead
12)come inside: Tony Bones
13)Deep in your bones: Tony bones
14)Unknown demo: Scam
15)I gotcha heart: Natural Elements
16)Better than U: Mad scientist
17)In my own world: Raggedy man

Chase phoenix Demo’s from the mid 90’s


Chase phoenix and I are old buddies. we went to high school together and have been making music together in some way or another since the mid 90’s.
in 2004 he dropped on album called “Cut to the chase” on battle axe records. it was produced by Dub-l, Baby Dayliner and yours truly.
i thought it might be cool to drop some of our super old demo’s on here, cause, well, why the fuck not?
here’s a little five song package of old songs he did from around 94-97.
1)fear the fear (produced by Dub-l)
2)Direct hit (produced by blockhead and kasm)
3)Dutch (produced by Blockhead and featuring a rap by me as well. anyone who’s ever been curious as to why i quit rapping, use this song as your reason)
4)rewind (produced by blockhead)
5)chaos: produced by Dub L