Diss tracks Vol. 7

This is the last one I have…So suck it up…savor it. There are soooooo many good diss songs I’m sure i’ve forgotten but this will have to do as a 7 volume series.
1)House Nigga: Inspectah Deck (Joe buddens diss)
2)Fire and Earth: X-Clan (Dissing Krs-One)
3)Paper Plate: Gza (dissing 50 cent)
4)U still a Aggin: Willie D (Dissing Paula Abdul)
5)Billy Jean 2005: Necro (Dissing Michael Jackson)
6)Pluckin Cards: Ultramagnetic Mc’s (dissing many different rappers)
7)Rap music: Pace one (dissing Eminem)
8)Dear Slim: Canibus (Dissing Eminem)
9)How to rob 2008: Freddie Foxxx (dissing everyone)
10)Beverly crabs: Cage(dissing Esoteric)
11)We fly high remix: Jay-z (dissing dipset)

Diss Track extravaganza Vol. 6

I got one more of these left for now. Unless, that is, you guys start sending me tons of good diss tracks I totally forgot (phatfriendblog@gmail.com yall!). Lots of white on white crime on this mix.
So, for now, here’s good old volume 6.
1)Second round Knockout: Canibus (Dissing LL Cool J)
2)Destroy and rebuild: Nas (Dissing Nature, Cormega and Prodigy)
3)U still A Aggin: Willie Dee (Dissing Paula Abdul)
4)Professor Booty:The beastie Boys (dissing 3rd Bass)
5)7,700 sold to date: El-p feat PFAC (Dissing Esoteric)
6)Haterama: Cage (dissing Esoteric)
7)I’m Marshall: Eminem (dissing Canibus)
8)Linda trip: El-p (Dissing Sole)
9) Pull ya hoe card: Kam (Dissing Ice cube)
10) Takeover: Jay-Z (Dissing Nas, Prodigy)

Diss track extravaganza pt. 5

Here we go again. Volume 5.
Again, if I’m missing some good old diss tracks, lemme know.
Email: phatfriendblog@gmail.com
Just be sure to go over the other volumes before you write out a list cause I’ve covered a decent amount thus far.
anyway, here goes:

1)Harlem: Jim Jones Feat. Juelz Santana (dissing Jay-z)
2)Fuck Compton: Tim Dog (dissing all rappers from compton)
3)Nail in the coffin: Eminem (dissing Benzino)
4)No chorus: Kool Keith (Dissing all rappers. This one is a stretch but it’s always seemed so pointed as a diss track ,even though it’s more of a diss to a “scene” than any one person, I can’t really ignore it)
5)El Chupa Nibre: DangerDoom (dissing MF Grimm and M.I.C.)
6)Acknowledge: Masta Ace (dissing the High and the Mighty)
7)Pull Ya card: Saafir (Dissing Casual)
8)To da Break of dawn: LL Cool J (Dissing Kool Moe D, Ice T and Hammer)
9)The bitch in you: Common Sense (Dissing Ice Cube)
10)Calling out names: Kurupt (dissing DMX, Murder inc., Rough riders)

Diss track extravaganza Vol. 4

Back again for the first ( AKA fourth) time. This one is a nice mix of older diss tracks and some more recent ones. Whatever the case, the hate is strong. I feel kinda bad cause X-clan gets it particularly hard on this mix. I pick them randomly so, no hard feelings guys. Remember, I’m an honorary blackwatch member. Don’t believe me? Read’em and weep , bro(ther J)
Oh, and here’s the mix:
1)Ether: Nas (Dissing Jay-z)
2)Build and Destroy: Boogie down Productions (Dissing X-Clan)
3)Beatin’ down KRS: Butchy B (dissing KRS-One)
4)9 lashes when michael smacks lucifer: Vast Aire (dissing Esoteric)
5)Big mama: Roxanne Shante (dissing every female rapper alive)
6)Green Eggs and Ham: 3rd Bass (dissing X-Clan)
7)The book of Daniel: Mf Grimm Feat.MF ez and Bashton)
8)Real muthafuckin’ G’s: Eazy-E (dissing Dr. Dre and snoop dogg)
9)Funeral Music: 50 Cent (dissing Cam’ron)
10)How ya like me now?:Kool moe Dee (dissing LL Cool J)

Diss track extravaganza Vol. 3

DTHere’s volume three…I’m still excepting ideas. So, if any diss songs that are kinda obscure and/or forgotten pop in your head, drop me a email at: phatfriendblog@gmail.com
Send me the mp3’s even…
anyway, here’s this weeks volume:
1)Shamrock and Shenanigans (Muggs remix): House of Pain (Dissing Dj Quik)
2)Can’t fuck wit a nigga: Dj Quik (Dissing House of Pain)
3)Real Niggaz: NWA (Dissing Ice Cube)
4)Crocodile Dundee:YZ (Dissing The Poor RIghteous Teachers)
5)Hahaha: Black Sheep (Dissing MC Hammer)
6)Life’s Ill: Cannibal Ox Feat. Breezly Bruin (Dissing WIll High)
7)Here we go again (uh huh): Jadakiss Feat. DMX (dissing Jay-z , Puffy and beanie sigal)
8)How to rob: 50 Cent (Dissing everyone on the planet)
9)Ghost Writer: Mad SKillz (Dissing way to many rappers to list)
10)Game over: Joe Buddens (The game and G-unit)

Diss Track Extravaganza Vol. 2

Last week was no one off, yo! Here’s volume 2 for your negative mind. BEEF BEEF BEEF!
1)Ghost Unit: The Game (dissing G-unit)
2)Hit’em up: 2Pac (dissing biggie)
3)I’m calling you a bitch: Tweedy Bird Loc (Dissing Queen Latifah)
4)4-Letter Word: Cage (Dissing Eminem)
5)Keep Talkin’:T.I. (dissing Lil’ Flip)
6)Checkmate: Jadakiss (dissing 50 cent)
7)Jack the rapper: LL Cool J (dissing Kool moe dee)
8)Drop a gem on ’em: Mobb Deep (dissing 2Pac)
9)Street wars 3: Beanie Sigel (Dissing Nas)
10)New york, New york: The dogg Pound (dissing the east coast in general)

Diss tracks Extravaganza Vol. 1

Who doesn’t like a good diss track? A pussy, that’s who. Every week for the forseeable future, i’m gonna upload a mix of ten diss tracks. HATE HATE HATE!
I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but it seemed like such a overwhealming amount of work, so I kinda dragged my feet on it. Well, eff that, i’mma try. By no means is this gonna the end all of diss track compilations. In fact, I’m gonna forget all sorts of them and even skip over ones I think are too known or simply not good. Basically, It’s just the diss tracks I have available in my I-tunes. It’ll be pretty random.
With that said, if you can think of any good ones I’m missing , feel free to email me suggestions (or even the mp3’s if i don’t have them) to “phatfriendblog@gmail.com”. I’m leaning more towards the more obscure so I don’t need to know I forgot “South Bronx” or “the bridge is over”. Dig a little deeper.
okay, so here’s the first installment:
1)Slave 2 the rhythm: MC Lyte (dissing Antionette)
2)A day of outrage: X-clan (dissing KRS-One and 3rd Bass)
3)The sauce: Eminem (Dissing benzino and the source magazine in general)
4)Step to me: Tim Dog (dissing every popular rapper from the west coast)
5)Industry Shakedown: Freddie Foxxx (Dissing a shitload of music industry folk…by name)
6)Aye: LoDeck (dissing Kanye West)
7)Hush lil’ Baby: Ras Kass (Dissing The game)
8)No vasaline: Ice cube (dissing NWA)
9)Super Ugly: Jay-z (dissing Nas)
10)Stomp: Young Buck Feat T.I. and Ludacris (T.I. And Luda dissing each other on the same song.