Peep the Tinsletown Remix Feat. Lodeck and Marq Spekt

By now, I hope you’ve peeped the album I did with Billy Woods called “Dour Candy”. If not, get on that shit. I’m Biased but, fuck that, it’s really good.
Anyway, I did a remix of the song “Tinsletown” which features Woods, Lo Deck and Marq Spekt. As a tip of the hat to the good old days when people would put out remixes that were, in fact, totally new songs, the beat has been re-imagined and all the verses are original. Peep it!
Also, peep the “Crocodile Tears” remix after it. Another banger.

“Dour Candy” By Billy Woods and Myself is here!

What’s up everyone. As you may know , I made an album with one of my favorite rappers Billy Woods. Well, it drops today on Backwoodz Records. It features Aesop, Open Mike Eagle, Elucid and Moko Only.
I’m extremely proud of this project and think everyone should go check it out. Here are two videos of songs from the album that have dropped thus far.

It’s available on CD, Digital download and special colored Vinyl (The vinyl won’t be dropping for about 3 weeks though but we’re taking orders)
Also, for those asking, I’ve been told there will be an instrumental version dropping as well that you can purchase digitally. keep an eye out
Also, here’s the I-tunes only track “The opposer”

Here is where you can get all that shit…

Backwoodz Website (special packages that include t-shirts and signed cd’s available here):


AMAZON Physical





New Video by Billy Woods & Cult Favorite Remix

This is the outro track from the album “Dour Candy” that I made with Billy Woods. It drops July 2nd on Backwoodz records. Get hyped!
Also, if you missed it, here’s another song off the album called “Tinsletown”.

Here’s an extensive article about the album that just put up. Thanks to Zack Lipez for making it happen.
Also, I did a remix for Cult Favorite (Elucid and AM Breakups) for the song “Omega3” featuring Billy Woods
Free download yall!