It’s still NYC

It’s no secret that NYC isn’t what it used to be. For anyone who grew up in this city, it’s fairly obvious that we’re not living in 1988 anymore; The mom and pops stores keep closing, the people who move here are getting cornier and cornier, the bars are over-crowded, everything is way too expensive, and the overall vibe is simply…well, not what it used to be…..

With that said, motherfuckers need to calm down with the “Fuck this place…New York is gone to the shitter…” attitude. While I agree with you guys, step back and compare it to other places, a native New Yorker complaining about New York is kind of like a dude who dates the coolest and hottest girl in the world and then complains when she puts on 5 pounds. She’s still the same girl. Sure, it’s not the super tight piece of ass it used to be but understand, to people who aren’t you, you’re a lucky motherfucker.

Yes, they’re tearing down everything we hold sacred and replacing it with high rise condo’s, useless banks, and parking lots. That sucks….

I remember when I walked by Washington Square Park last winter and saw what used to be the fountain area it had been converted into a fenced off pile of dirt. Yes, they were “remodeling” Washington Square Park. While seeing that definitely hit a nerve with me, it is also just par for the course. Indeed, it’s a bummer, but it’s also not like that’s gonna change my New York experience. Shit, I’ve been to that park a million times, I’ve got those memories, I’m good. At this point, they could put a rainbow colored vibrating dildo carousel in there for all I care, it won’t make me forget what it used to be.

It won’t change the fact that I can go out at 4 AM and get food on a sunday…and still have options. It won’t change that I can be in five completely different neighborhoods in the span of one day without even getting on a train or a bus. It won’t change that this city is full of eclectic people and great food no matter where you go. Yes, it’s corny, but true…that’s the subtle kinda shit you miss when you leave NYC.

The thing is, if you’re a person who loves cities (real cities) there is no other place in America like New York. Not Chicago, not LA, not San Fransisco, not Boston (HA!), not anywhere…I’m not even saying that on some “It’s the best city” shit (however, on a biased tip, it is). I’m saying it’s the only city like it and what it offers is unquantifiable. I don’t give a fuck if in ten years New York is just series of banks, Quiznos, and Duane Reades it will still be the only place like it.

After all, if you’re really a New Yorker and you wanna move to another city (that is like New York), where you gonna go? My honest opinion would be Toronto or Montreal. If you put those two together you kinda get New York (but canadian, so everyone’s nice and talks funny). However, that would probably involve a new passport and all sorts of bullshit, so good luck with that!

The only valid “I hate this place” arguments to me are; “I can’t afford it” and “It’s full of out of town douchebags”, I really can’t disagree with those. As far as the expensiveness is concerned, there’s a reason why motherfuckers live in Queens and Jersey City. It’s not cause it’s dope there, it’s cause it’s affordable but still close to the city. Not to mention, with the way the economy is going, we’re due for some serious deja vu that includes mass muggings and wilding out (not the Nick Cannon kind either). That’s the old New York everyone always muses about. While it’s easy to say the lessened danger of New York is a good thing (and, on a basic level, it obviously is), the dangerous side of NYC was kind of the thing that kept it interesting. Unlike other dangerous cities like Detroit or Philly, people wanted to be in NYC so bad they’d risk it…but only to visit. If they happened to get robbed, them’s the breaks…they’d go back home and have their own NEW YORK story to tell.

Now that it’s all safe and shit, every douche with a dream (and $money$) has decided they need to be here. Sadly, in terms of the the new city transplants, it’s only gonna get worse, Thanks Sex and The City!

But, you know what? If you’re a native a New Yorker and can’t handle that, maybe you should just move anyway. Obviously NYC hasn’t hardened your shell enough to the point where you can “deal” with non-New Yorkers fucking up New York. Then again, if you move, you’ll be living in a place where EVERYONE is not from New York.

Have fun with that shit!

On a side note, it is against NYC code for anyone who hasn’t lived here longer then 15 years to complain about “how things used to be”.If you weren’t here before Guiliani, you’re talking out your ass.