This week in ridiculous rap: Eastside Crackhead

Drug raps. Once Dr. Dre Opened the door, it wasn’t long before every rapper who liked weed had a pot anthem or album covers that was shot amidst the fog of blunt smoke. Very few other drugs have been accepted into rap as something people would admit to doing. Del Took Mushrooms. So did Eminem and Xzibit. Lots of rappers pop mollies and sweat. recently, Lean and pills have been more openly rapped about lovingly. Hell, even cocaine has had it’s moments thanks to rappers like Gunplay who say shit like “Lost five pounds in the last five hours, I got a photo shoot, still tootin’ chowder”.
But, there are still those drugs rapper doth not speak of, as users. Namely, Heroin , Meth and Crack. I suppose these drugs are the last three that people should be embarrassed to do. Well, it’s time to scratch Crack off that list cause Eastside Crackhead is here…and he’s rapping about loving crack.

Here we have a guy who’s asking all the rappers who claimed to sell crack, “gimmie a taste”.
Now, this song is clearly jokes. Kind of like the crackhead version of Dirt Nasty’s Dropping Names, but the thing is , looking at this video, I’m kinda thinking this guy might be the real deal. I’ve seen my fair share of crackheads in my life and, well, this guy fits the bill. There are some legit funny crackheads out there. This dude is hilarious and not in a “laughing at you” way. He’s actually got jokes. Now, if I’m wrong and this guy is not , in fact, a crackhead…well, he’s a good actor. He’s also a weirdo for deciding that would be his niche but I guess it makes sense when you’re looking for youtube hits.
Regardless, Eastside Crackhead probably won’t ever put out another video but, really, it’s not necessary. He’s already cornered the market.