Song of the day 5/5/10

Possibly maybe (LFO Remix) By Bjork

Some people love Bjork WAY too much. As well, some people hate Bjork WAY too much. I’m somewhere in between there. I think she’s made some awesome songs but I also think she’s done a bunch of forgettable shit that all sounds the same.
This particular song is one that I feel like people on both sides of this debate can find value in. For one, it’s a remix. Honestly, it could not sound less than the original. It’s slow, muddy and sounds highly drug induced. LFO (not to be confused with L.F.O. who made this song ) freaked this shit ridiculously. Peep it and find out for yourself.

Song of the day 3/4/10

We’re in business (never trust robots) By Andrew Thompson
You know when you head a relatively new song that feels like it was made in a different era? Usually it’s something like Sharon jones and the dap kings but , in the case of this song, it’s a little different. It’s not a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s soul music i love so much. Nope. it’s a throwback to some weirdo 80’s comedy electro-rock. And that’s fine by me.

Song of the day 2/13/10


The sound of the branches breaking By Baby Dayliner

This is a song i did with my buddy Baby Dayliner. He’s mixed most of my solo albums as well as played instruments on a few of them. He also happens to be an awesome singer/songwriter/producer. peep his myspace for more of his music.
go here.

Song of the day 1/24/10


Remix medley 1 By Tugboat

I don’t know much about this guy. My boy despot put me on to this song years ago and I used to dj it a little. the response always ranged from joyous to complete confusion. Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome.
In short, it’s a guy remixing popular hip hop songs (from about 5 years ago) using 8-bit atari music. check it out.