Go cop that new FREE Open Mike Eagle Ep.

Open Mike Eagle is a giving man. He’s also a prolific man. He just released a new EP on bandcamp that is free of change. It’s awesome. I’d go into detail but I’m sitting in an airport on two hours of sleep, barely able to put together these very sentences. Just know it’s dope and Mike does that thing where he’s keeps evolving and switching things up. And for that, I salute him. He’s not the guy making the same song over and over again. So…here’s the link.
I did? Cool. Cause it is.

Also peep this. It’s not on the EP but it’s pretty cool as well.

SelfSays “April”

Selfsays is a dope rapper from detroit. A while back he released an EP called “Something out of nothing” that caught my ear. Since then, I’ve done a few songs with him, including a few on his brand new EP “April”. That’s available here: http://music.selfsays.com/album/april

So check him out. Especially all of you people who constantly complain about how there’s no good new rap. Well, here some is!