Yay or Nay: Eric Biddines

Southern rap has an interesting effect on people. To some, it’s all they listen to. The more country , the better. With the popularity of trap, it’s reached levels where rap that isn’t even southern sounds like it was made in Atlanta. To others, the second they hear that triplet hi hat pattern, they roll their eyes and tune it out. I’d say this mostly has to do with content. In the 90’s and early 2000’s there was certainly more of a balance with southern hip hop. For every Cash Money rapper there was a dungeon family counterpart. You had people rapping about money, drugs and cars but you also had people giving a more soulful and intellectual angle as well. To me, there has always been room for both. Good rap is good rap. I’ve never been one to back away from a song I like cause of it’s content. That said, these has been something missing in southern rap the last few years. Well, maybe it’s not missing? Perhaps I’m just not aware of it. A good example of this is Eric Biddines. A florida rapper who’s seemingly been putting in work for a while now. The easiest comparison you can make here is Outkast. It’s almost too easy. But, honestly, what will get people listening quicker than saying “Hey, this dudes music kinda reminds me of Outkast!”? I’d throw in a little Devin the dude too cause he’s a fan of singing and has that similar drawl.
He’s recently connected with UK based producer Paul White for a project called “Golden rules”.
The first song has been released and, I gotta say, I’m fucking with it.

Perfect song for summer. It just feels good.
If you’re curious about some more of Biddines music, he’s actually got a bunch of videos (and five albums). All along the same line as this new song.
So, what do you think?