Things that are wrong with the world pt. 17

It’s no secret that I take major issue with any extreme religious lunacy. In most cases i feel like “Hey, I don’t believe in that shit but do you. Whatever gets you through the day”. However, occasionally , something like this video will pop up on the internet and just make my blood boil. I think the most troublesome thing about it is that it’s kids doing it. Sure, watching a fully formed adult believe and preach such bullshit is depressing but there’s something about watching kids follow along that really bums me out. I mean, when I was these kids age I thought Mad Magazine was the pinnacle of humor and that Christina Applegate was the most beautiful woman on earth. In other words, I didn’t know shit. If there is ever a time in your life that your vulnerable to this kind of thing, it’s age 8-13. Cause really, you know nothing about anything. But , i suppose, without kids like these, the adult counterparts wouldn’t exist. I feel like with most people, when you’re dealing with extremely religious folk (creationists and the like who just ignore science and the world going on around them) , they tend to start young. Unless it’s some born again crap where a person partied a little too hard and feels like swapping his addiction to whiskey for his undying belief in his lord and savior , but that’s neither here nor there.

On the other side of this video is the curiosity behind them picking “My humps” to be a good song to cover and give that good old jesusy spin to. I mean, let’s be honest, that song is about fergie’s ass and tits. These kids obviously know all the words. Enough so , they were able to “Weird al christovic” the lyrics into what you see above. What i’m saying is that someone in that household is not doing their job. These kids should be doing Creed covers or at least taking songs not about some former meth head whore’s ass. I’m just saying.

Truthfully, the most awesome part of this whole thing is the little girls hard dances around the 1:30 mark. It’s so so close to being that reggae dance the bogle but not quite. Perhaps the next song they cover should be a Sean Paul. “gimmie the light” has jesus written all over.