Animals eating animals

So, I’m a sucker for shows where people go places and eat stuff. The weirder the better. While I prefer “No reservations” over “Bizarre foods” , both are a good time in my book.
I’m what you’d call a semi-adventorous eater. I draw the line with some things but , for the most part, I’m always down to take a trip to stuff my face. Watching these shows often takes me to a place a few steps out my comfort zone. These guys eat foods I’d maybe attempt to taste but never order (except tripe…fuck tripe…I will not put that shit in my mouth). I dunno what it is but I am thoroughly entertained by watching other people eat. Perhaps it’s that I simply love food THAT much.

I recently ran into an old friend of mine who I probably hadn’t seen in like 9 or 10 years. To be honest, I had no idea what he was doing in life and we just sorta shot the shit in a bar one night and that was that. He friended me on Facebook a few days later and he kept posting these videos called “Animals eating Animals”. I tend to ignore most things people post of Facebook but I was a little curious one day and I peeped. Turns out he’s got a video series where he and a friend go around NYC eating crazy shit. Well, color me interested. The video’s are cool, put together really well and the food is bugged. I figured this would be as good a place as any to share them with you.
If you’re into this kinda shit, like their Facebook page cause they do new ones every few weeks or so and update them there. It’s also a good guide for people visiting NYC who may want to try some crazy meals why you’re here. Get you’re pig’s head on in style…
Anyway, here’s the videos they’ve posted thus far. Prepare to either get hungry or be totally disgusted…I’m somewhere in the middle.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 1 from on Vimeo.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 2 from on Vimeo.

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 3 from on Vimeo.

I believe a new one actually drops later today to keep an eye out for it. Hooray for food.

I salute you, Epic Meal Time

I have a admission to make. I’ve become one of those people that watches food shows. Not so much cooking shows (cause the closest I come to cooking it microwaving chicken cutlets for a sandwich) but the Top chef, chopped, man vs. food type shows? I’m all over that shit. It’s fairly common for me to be in bed at 2 am , while my girl is asleep, watching an episode of Man Vs. Food I’ve seen about 6 times. I don’t wanna compare it to porn (cause South Park already did a great job at that) but there is a similar feeling to watching these shows for me. Granted, I’m not about to jerk off to them but the same carnal urge to act on what I’m seeing kicks in. It’s a good thing my fridge is filled with tumbleweeds and sorrow cause , otherwise, I’d be an obese log of shit.
Enter “Epic Meal Time”, I spent the better part of sunday watching these youtube clips being somewhere between aroused and nauseous. Epic Meal Time is a youtube series where some Canadian guys
make the craziest , most unhealthy meals possible. The host if funny and the food is the kind thing the highest, fattest person alive dreams of. I realize these clips have been around (they all have over 1 million views) but fuck it! They deserve the praise. I’d like to take a single bite of everything these dudes have ever made. But no more , after that, cause my heart might explode.
I think one of my favorite qualities of these shorts is that you can truly horrify vegetarians with them. That’s gotta count for something.
Here are the gods at work:

and for dessert

Arrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh…I’mma go eat a tofu salad.