Song of the day 7/6/11

I should tell ya momma on you (chops remix) By Red

Before there was “The man with golden voice“, there was “The man without the machine“. I’m pretty sure a decent amount of you are familiar with both this song and this guy. I’m no expert on him but, from what I recall, Red was some homeless dude who was filmed singing this song on the street. To say he has a distinct voice would be an understatement. Anyway, after the clip from above went viral, people did what people do now and found this dude to milk him for a little more of that magic. The result is this song. I can’t front. This shit is catchy. Like, dangerously so. The kind of thing that will have anyone living with you tell you to shut the fuck up cause they are sick of hearing you try and sing this song.
I dunno what’s happened to red since this came out. I’m pretty sure he’s not rich and famous now. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went the way of the “Man with the golden voice”. If anyone knows, feel free to fill me in on that. I was kinda hoping he would become the new Nate Dogg and make hip hop hooks exciting again. Oh well…

SOTH: The Non Rap shit.

Here’s a collection of the first songs I dropped on here for my “Song of the day”. Yesterday was the rap stuff, today is the “other” stuff. Ranging from old soul to weirdo shit , But all good in their own way.
1)I only have love: Syl Johnson
2)Comin’ Home Baby: Mel Torme
3)Black satin amazon fire engine cry baby: Kain (this song is hilarious, you should know that before listening to it)
4)Do it again: Waylon Jennings
5)Tell me why (our love turned cold): Willie Hutch
6)I’m Coming Home: The Peddlers
7)State Trooper: Bruch springsteen
8)The time for us: Joe Pass
9)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil
10)Ordinary guy: Joe Bantaan
11)The crickets sing for ana maria:Marcos Valle
12)Remix MEdley1: Tugboat
13)Ursalina: Bill cosby

Song of the day 7/28/10

Pushin’ Respect By JJ, CeCe and Galit

Calling this “song of the day” is definitely a stretch. This song is admittedly a complete train wreck. I look at it as “found art”. For a little backstory, A bunch of close friends of mine went to Hampshire college. Hampshire is a small hippie school in Mass. that lets kids major in pretty much whatever they want. I would occasionally visit and it was always fun and unlike any other college I had seen. During what was the senior year of most of my friends there, Hampshire college put together a little compilation cd of music made by students. As you can imagine, it was comically terrible and all sorts of LOLZ were born from it. This song is by three people I’ve never met but it’s been a consistent source of unintentional funny over the years. It really epitomizes “Annoying politically correct liberal arts college student” like nothing else I’ve ever heard. I hope just a few of you can truly appreciate the disaster this song is.

Song of the day 6/4/10

Next By Scott Walker
The first time I heard this song I was driving cross country on tour. We were probably about half way through the tour and the music selection in the van had begun to stray away from safe choices and into things a touch more “avant garde”. When this song came on, I barely noticed but about 16 bars in I started hearing what the guy was saying…and HOLY SHIT was he a crazy person. On first listen it sounded like the insane ramblings of army veteran over a sweeping , almost show tune like, backdrop. From there, I got obsessed with the song and listened to it over and over again during the tour. Turns out, while Scott Walker was indeed a crazy person (apparently he lost his mind while trying to make an epic “Smile” like album after getting a shitload of money from some major label and he never even finished a record for them), this song was not an example. In fact, it was a cover of a song by some french guy ( I think it was jacques Brel). It was translated and everything. At least that’s what I have been told by more than a few people. It kinda bummed me out.
But regardless of all that, this song still plays as a man completely losing his mind to a show tune. It’s seriously funny but also a generally dope song. Peep it.

Song of the day 5/28/10

Shake your ass By Richard Cheese

Holy shit. I totally forgot about this guy. I’m not lying when I say the best time I’ve ever had at a live show was seeing the gawd Richard Cheese perform.
For those who don’t know, he’s a lounge singer that does retarded covers of famous songs. The thing is, he’s actually a good singer and his band is surprisingly on point on some “zoot suit riot” type shit. He also manages to keep a straight face, which is nice.
Here’s some bonus clips to give you a better idea of the man, the myth, the legend.

Song of the day 5/17/10

Super Scientifical By Ill Nye (AKA Jer from The Party Fun Action Committee)
This is for all you Party Fun Action Committee fans out there. It’s somewhat of a spin off of a song we did off the album (Mystical knights of the vizual roundtable). This song is from an album called “Day of the mega-beast” by Dub-l (who Jer and I actually used to be in a rap group with back in the 90’s).
Not only is it funny, but you might learn a little something, yo.

Song of the day 5/10/10

Fuck the pain By Blowfly
What’s that? You don’t know about Blowfly? What the fuck is wrong with you? Blowfly is pretty much the greatest man alive. A true american treasure. He began his career as song writer and singer who actually had some decent success. Somewhere down the line , he decided he wanted to become “Blowfly”” and make perverted comedy music. The majority of his stuff were truly fantastic Weird al-esque covers of popular songs (IE: Shittin’ on the dock of the bay” and “Suck around the clock”) as well as making a rap record in 1980 when not many others were really doing that shit yet.

^^^^seriously amazing shit right there.
Today’s song, however, is a jewel I came across when i was in high school. I knew about Blowfly and thought he was funny. I saw this tape in a 99 cent bin. I bought it and was pleased to find the song “Fuck the pain”. It has since been anthem amongst my friends and I…as well a cautionary tale of STD’s that we should all heed.

Song of the day 4/6/10

Lotion By The Greenskeepers
I don’t know much about these guys. I’ve heard they’re some sort of Techno group and this song is just a one off. Honestly, I’m too lazy to really investigate. All i know is that they made this awesome song based on everyone’s favorite scene in “Silence of the lambs” and it is not at all Techno-like in any way. I think that’s alI I need to know.

Song of the day 3/16/10


BFFAE By Team Facelift

Team Facelift are a rap/electro-ish group from NYC. I say “rap/electro-ish” cause they have older music and newer music. The old stuff is most straight up hip hop (but on the funnier side than the “keep it real” side) while the newer stuff is more geared towards dancing and getting girls naked. While i can’t fault them for that, I’m gonna go ahead and push the older stuff cause, well, I’m a rap guy and I don’t dance unless I’m extremely drunk.
Anyway, The group consists of 4 members. Fat Jew (who you may recognize from his spots on E! as the “The king of brunch”) , Karim fonda AKA Alden Pact , Tommy mas (the DJ/producer) and Machine. I’d say they’re comedy rap more than anything. At least this song is. This song is fucking funny. So, take this with a grain of salt. Don’t expect some lyrical miracles here. Just Fat jew and Machine rapping about how much they love each other. Friendship yo.

(If heads are interested in this kind of shit, lemme know. I’ll throw together a little mix of my favorite songs by them.)

Song of the day 3/4/10

We’re in business (never trust robots) By Andrew Thompson
You know when you head a relatively new song that feels like it was made in a different era? Usually it’s something like Sharon jones and the dap kings but , in the case of this song, it’s a little different. It’s not a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s soul music i love so much. Nope. it’s a throwback to some weirdo 80’s comedy electro-rock. And that’s fine by me.