You got dumped cause you suck.

This is not a gossip blog…but , sometimes, it may seem like it. Like…nowish.
I recently read this post on the gossip blog D-listed
It’s basically about how America’s purest vagina, Taylor Swift , did a song with America’s filthiest penis , John Mayer, and they MAY have hooked up. That alleged hook up led to a new song by Swift (titled “Dear John”) where she basically calls out some older guy for dogging her out.
Ok. I’ve never heard this song or any of her songs for that matter. All I know about her is what I read on websites like D-listed. So, what I know is that she’s the sweetest sweetie this side of the Mason-Dixon line yet she’s always having issues with men who do her wrong. These two things do not exactly work together in my mind. Sure, men are fucked up and will often bulldoze through women regardless of how nice the girl is. That is a pretty strong male trait. Especially famous men who have endless vaginas around them at all times. But, there’s this thing that the media does with “sweethearts” that doesn’t sit right with me. Perhaps, not every woman in the spotlight who gets fucked over by some asshole is Sandra Bullock. PERHAPS, Some of them are probably just extremely annoying , self absorbed assholes who got dissed cause they were insufferable. Now, I don’t know any of these people persoanlly. In fact, I don’t have a leg to stand on with this opinion , in terms of the actual people I’m talking about. But, I have met actresses and musicians and, for the most part, they’re all fucking self obsessed assholes. People I wouldn’t wanna date let alone have sex with for a third time. Not to mention, the people I’ve met like this aren’t even famous! Imagine that mind set but with the added sense of superiority and importance? How truly horrific that person could be is unfathomable to me.
Whenever a famous woman (let’s say ladies like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson or Halle Berry) gets repeatedly dumped over the course of a few years, one has to wonder what the issue REALLY is. Sure, the media paints them as victims (while they very well may be) but I don’t know if I’m fully buying that.
Any girl I’ve ever cut ties with was for a reason. Even if it was a “It’s not you, it’s me” situation, rest assured, it was still mostly them. So, with this in mind, when people are the dump-ed over and over again, it’s a little telling.

There are two lines of thought that come into this.
#1These girls just date terrible men.
#2These girls are intolerable and get dumped because of it.

#1, to me, is only half true. I know plenty of girls with terrible radar when it comes to men. They only like the worst possible dudes and you can’t tell them anything. These girls are generally doormats to whatever asshole they choose. The thing about this, when used as an excuse for the above mentioned types of gals, is that scum bags don’t generally dump girls. Any scum bag worth his weight in scum will never break up with a girl. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Scum bags tend to stick around as long as you will let them. The only way they go away is when the girl finally either realizes the truth or is pulled away by her friends and family in some sort of relationship intervention. So, yes, it’s very possible Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry all have bad taste in men. Maybe their dads didn’t love them…who knows? But that still doesn’t explain why they all keep getting kicked to the curb so frequently. This leads me to #2.
They suck.
No more. No less.
I think the idea of any dude dumping Halle Berry blows most peoples minds. She’s widely considered one of the hottest women alive and rich. What could possibly make anyone want to give that up? Maybe she never shuts up about herself and her minimal problems? Maybe she’s incredibly dull? Maybe she has chronic shit breath and speaks only in “Austin Powers” quotes? For all we know, she’s hyper jealous and nags constantly. All these things can be enough to drive men away. Does it make these ladies terrible people? Not really. but it also doesn’t make them innocent. Just cause you get dumped doesn’t aways mean you were wronged. Even murder can be done in self defense.
I’ve been on both sides of a dumping. In all cases, it was someone’s fault. As much as people wanna explain their reasoning to each other, when it comes down to it, one person wanted out and got the fuck outta dodge. It doesn’t matter if this is two 14 year olds who shared their first kiss or the two most famous people in the world. Now, if you’ve been dumped once or twice over a lifetime, shit happens. Not all relationships work out and most of them do eventually end. However, if you’re constantly on the receiving end of “we need to talk…” kinda convo’s where you feel blind sided , guess what? You suck.