Song of the day 4/8/11

Pieces of a man By Gil Scott Heron
This is a awesomely depressing song by Gil Scott Heron. I’ve always been a big fan but that’s not why I chose it for today’s “Song of the day”. I picked it because there is a funny story behind it that I’m hoping i can convey is a proper way.
Okay, so , when I was growing up, there was this gay bar near my crib called “Pieces”. Because of it’s close proximity to my house, I’d always walk by it and see crazy shit. This was nothing new for the west village but because of it’s consistent lunacy, it became a joke between friends and I. Keep in mind, I was like 15 at this time so please save the “What so funny about a gay bar?!?!!?” comments. Hate to break it to you, but that shit was funny to me back then. Hey, better that than angering, right?

Annnyway, this friend and I got into this battle where we would make our home phone (this was before cell phones) answering machine messages attacks on each other (We both had our own private lines). So, basically, anytime we called one another, we’d be surprised with a new diss. Admittedly, he won these battles cause he was far more creative than me. He even got a some cute voice puerto rican girl from his high school (who had never met me) to do a whole rap about how little my dick was (and she killed it).

This one time, I made a message where I pretended I was speaking to Gil Scott Heron using this song as Heron’s dialogue. I basically asked “Hey, Gil scott, have you seen bill lately”? (not his real name, btw) and then press play on this song around the 3:45 mark where Heron emotionally sings “I saw him go to pieces!” and I continued to “converse” with the song, as if Gil Scott Heron was unconsolable to the fact that my friend had gone the “Pieces” bar. I thought that shit was hilarious. But, the point is, to this day, every time I hear this song I think of that and laugh. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Heron’s motive in making this song but hey, memories!

Song of the day 3/11/10

Who’ll pay reparations on my soul By Gil Scott Heron

This is off his album “Small talk on 125th and Lenox”. It’s mostly spoken word but he snuck a few songs on towards the end.
Times have been tough on Heron but i hear he released an album recently. I’m kinda nervous to listen to any new music made by people from this era but i applaud the dude for still putting shit out.