Yay or Nay: GOD

First off , shout out to Steadybloggin.com for putting me on to this…
Now before you answer the question in the header, let me be clear…I’m not talking about your lord and savior (though a “Yay or Nay” on him would be interesting). No, I’m talking about a chicago based rapper who has chosen the name GOD (in all caps!) for himself. That takes balls…but when you think about it, the search for the most powerful rap name had to end there. People have been calling themselves all sorts of things over the years. Noreaga, Capone, Bird gang Taliban…The fact someone hasn’t named them selves Hitler yet is actually surprising to me (shout out to Gunplay’s Swastika tattoo though). So why not call yourself GOD? The only downsides I see (aside from offending millions of christian people) is the high expectations a name like that might carry as a lyrical miracle spitter and googling yourself might prove to be frustrating. But whatever, enough about the name, let’s discuss the man himself. After all, a name is just a name.

Here’s the thing, the dude can rap. He’s not as typical as I imagine a few of you might presume upon hearing him for the first time. He’s got that edge that tends to separate regular skilled boring rappers from the dudes I actually wanna hear more than once. Let’s start it here cause , what better jumping point than a song that could seemingly play as his thesis statement for a term paper about himself.

How bout something a little more traditional?

Maybe something a little more trappy for you new rap heads

Or this joint…

Say what you will but the dude does have some versatility in his music. So, what do you think? Do you like GOD?

I’m not shocked…

So, these nude pics of everyone’s favorite yokel Miley Cyrus were recently leaked. Of course, this caused outrage. Not so much that they’re picture’s of an underaged girl naked, but cause of who this particular naked girl happened to be. Sure, she was 17 when the pics were taken but CAN YOU BELIEVE MILEY WOULD DO SUCH A THING?!?!?!?!? When shit like this happens, I always find myself asking the same question “Who gives a shit?” The answer to that is: all the wrong people.
People who get truly bothered by this kind of shit are one thing (I mean, I get why people aren’t feeling the child porn angle on this one), but it’s the people who are “shocked” that really need to be addressed. Fuck all these easily “shocked” people. In this day and age , nothing, within reason, should be that shocking. Sure, some crazy murder or 9/11 kind of event is shocking, but a 17 year old showing her tits to her boyfriend should be about as shocking as Junk mail. People who are shocked by things like this need to really reevaluate the world they live in. If this kind of thing truly bothers you, just stop watching TV. Turn off the internet. Never open another newspaper. Move to secluded hovel in the woods and bury yourself in there.
Then, and only then, will you truly be free of this horrible world where people do things like be stupidly careless with their own privacy.
Let’s be real here (real talk, yo, so real) , while Miley is certainly confirmed smegma wiped off of Walt Disney’s rotting cock, she’s also a confirmed woman of faith. She fucking loves her some Jesus. Now, if you’re a “On paper” kinda person, this reads as her being saintly all the time and someone who would never commit a sin. However, if your a rational human with a sliver of intelligence and understanding of human nature, you might realize it’s never black and white. Sure, Miley is a god lover. She’s also a cock lover. Apparently, the two can co-exist. I’d even venture to say, in real life, she loves cock even more than god. After all, cock is way more useful to an 18 year old slut than god could ever be. Save him for when you’re on your death bed. At that age, god doesn’t get you drunk, doesn’t fuck you and doesn’t pay your cell phone bill. So, in reality, she’s really not that religious. She’s just portrayed as such to keep her fan base’s parents content with their kids watching some young slut prance around.
This incident with her is no one time thing. She’s leaked provocative photo’s a bunch of times. And each time, the response is the same shock and outrage. Let’s face it, this is what young girls in 2010 do. They’re stupid , careless and obsessed with their own sexuality. you can’t blame them. It’s just how things are nowadays. The internet age has done this and by the time she’s able to erase some unflattering pics of her butt hole, someone has hacked her phone and sold them to blogs.
I realize the shock is heavily based on her defying her image. Again, this is nothing new. Britney did it. Aguilera did it. They all do it cause they reach an age where they actually have some say in what goes down. The control shifts. The money is theirs. OF COURSE they’re gonna wild out and go that direction. You would to. Being a teenaged star cannot be fun. Outside of the money, it’s constant traveling, appearances, fake smiles and loneliness. It’s no wonder that they’re gonna bust out the cage the first chance they get. When you add that need to release with the fact that most of these girls are fairly stupid and come from terrible upbringings, it’s a recipe for disaster (or joy, depending on who you are).
I’m willing to bet, in the near future, some crazy pics of Taylor Swift’s angelic ass will pop up and everyone will act as if they’ve seen a ghost (which, with her paleness, wouldn’t be totally off). as long as there are teenaged girls, guys they want to impress and camera’s , this kind of thing will go on forever.
I , for one , support it. Just make sure to do it after your 18th birthday, otherwise, what’s the point? Blurred tits are pointless.