Song of the day 9/1/11

Cry By Godley And Creame
How’s this for something a little different? I feel like I’ve put this song up here before in some way or another but I’d imagine that link is dead by now.
If you’re old, you probably know this song, and better yet, you probably remember the disturbing video seen above. This was one of those weird 80’s things that had a profound effect on me when I was a kid. To put it in perspective, when that video dropped, people were impressed by it’s revolutionary effects. Yeah…Then Michael JAckson made the “Black or white” Video and all of a sudden this depressing yet simple effect was turned into a facial delivered by the people at Benetton. But even now, the video still manages to capture those same feelings it did when I was a kid. It’s kinda creepy.
If you’re young and this song sounds familiar, it’s cause it’s in GTA: Liberty City. While it’s cool they put it in there, I have a feeling your view of this song is slightly altered by the fact you’ve listened to it while murdering hookers and running over random pedestrians.
Anyway, to me, this is what emo shit should sound like. It’s depressing but still has a drive to it. It’s pretty at points and stays away from The cure/Depeche mode territory, which I appreciate. If you, at this very moment, are sitting around wallowing about some fucked up relationship issue, this song may not make you feel better, but it’s nothing if not relatable. Enjoy. And stop crying , you pussy.