A Special Halloween Song for you

I did a show in denver last night and , in preparation, I decided to throw a little Halloween style pizazz up in that bitch. So, I put together a little Halloween mash up. Due to my computer freezing up last night, I didn’t even get through it (still a fun show though). I figure when , aside from next halloween, will I ever really find a reason to try this again so I might as well just let you guys have it. I did a quick sequencing of it and recorded it. Admittedly, it’s not the best recording but, hey, that’s life. Also, this shit is mad silly and was made for a party atmosphere. Regardless, of all that, I think it’s pretty funny and maybe a few of you will enjoy it.

Also, the pic above is of two dudes who came to my show dressed as “Blockheads”. Fucking awesome.