Yay or nay? This new Earl/Riff Raff song

Typically, this column is dedicated to new artists but, you know what? It’s not easy finding a new artist I like/one who peaks my interest (let alone don’t loath) every week. So, instead, let’s try something different this week.
Here was have a new song. It’s Produced by Harry Fraud and features the vocal stylings of Earl sweatshirt and Riff Raff. Now, here’s where I’d give my brief synopsis and clue you into my thoughts but I think I’m gonna skip all that. I’m very curious of what your response to this song is. I will say, I’m a big fan of Earl, I like Frauds beats and Riff Raff is a funny clown I don’t dislike. So, with that, here’s the song:

Because there are tons of ways to hear/evaluate this song, I’m giving you as many voting options as I can.
Now, tell me what you think?