Song of the day 11/1/10

Jive Talk By Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
This is an album track off of one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time “Wanted: Dead or alive”. This song , in particular was always a sleeper joint for me. I’ve never been good with memorizing lyrics but this tracks was one I used to know front to back and rap to myself constantly when I was a 15 year old whig in training. G Rap absolutely destroys his verses in this. Absorb the flavor, motherfuckers…

On a side note, there is a rapper who comes in at the very end of this song. I have no idea who it is and no one has ever given me a concrete answer. Calling all hip hop nerd historians: Who is this man?
I’ve thought it was Ant Live but , really, I’m just blindly guessing. So, if you 100% know this answer you get a prize. The prize of my undying respect, bro. Cash that shit out!

Song of the day 6/10/10

Nickle Slick Nigga By KoKane

This song was somewhat of a lost treasure on the “Deep Cover” Soundtrack. Rightfully so, All the attention to that album was paid to the song “Deep Cover” but this one , buried on the B-side of cassette , was always a nice joint.
You may recognize Kokane from his work with snoop. I don’t exactly know when he stopped rapping but , as of late, he’s been more of a crooner than an mc. I’m pretty sure he’s released a few albums but I’ve only heard the first one and it was pretty forgettable. In fact, this very song was on it and they changed it up a lot to negative affect.
So, here’s the original soundtrack version of this song for your listening pleasure.

Song of the day 5/25/10

Hold The Floor By Camu Tao

Today is the second anniversary of Camu tao’s passing. In his honor, here’s one of my favorite songs of his. RIP mu.

Also, Peep this:
Turns out , Camu’s long awaited solo album will be dropping on August 17th! This is great news.