The Creepiest

Holy shit. Now, in order for me to keep living a normal life and not throw myself off a high mountain, I’m gonna assume this is a joke. It has to be, right?
If so, major props to this kid for hitting on something that doesn’t get discussed very often.
The teenaged male “sucker for love syndrome”.
When we’re going through puberty and our bodies and running on pure testosterone , you would think we’d be all about getting any sort of sex we can…and we are…but there is never a more emotionally vulnerable time for a guy then when he’s a teen.
It’s a confusing time cause, on one hand, we’re jerking off like 5 times a day. In fact, you should never touch a teenaged boys hand. Give them the fist pound. Shaking his hand is basically just holding his dick.
Young dudes are spending hours a day just beating that devil inside of them up via their penis. You’d think that this kind of hyperactive behavior would translate to scum-baggery and desperate measure taken to somehow find a girl to have sex with…well, they often do but it’s more a case of misguided lust than the kid being a bad person. But, if a guy is to actually land a girl, it’s a wrap. That dude is at a high risk of falling in love on a level that can only be creepy. Like the kid in this video (who I hope is just a really funny guy and not that actual person). It’s so intense to witness. Like a scene out of “Happiness”.
The funny thing about this kinda shit is that once men get through that stage, most of us become the assholes we really are. The same dude who would kill your family if they ever got in the way of two hour make out sessions on the couch when he’s 15 is also the same dude ,five years down the line, who doesn’t text you back for a week after drunkly fucking you on the floor of his friends house.

This must suck for girls cause I know you guys love a passionate man. It’s just too bad the most passionate men around are 15 year old psychotic people like this kid.

Now, I’m not saying grown men aren’t capable of worshipping their women (often to a fault) but the certain brand of blind love for a girl that can be possessed by a boy going through puberty is just some next level shit. It’s a drug-like infatuation. If only there were a way to harness these emotions and use them for good. Oh well…until then, heads up ,young girls. Be wary of who you make out with cause you never know when he’s gonna take his shirt off, get his camera and film some shit like this in your honor. And really, how can you even kiss a guy after that? You’d be too busy laughing into his mouth.