New illogic /blockhead song and info on the next EP

What’s up,
Illogic and I are dropping our new EP “Preparing for capture 2” on september 11th.
Here’s a sneak preview of one of the songs as well as more info on the ep in general. Pre orders are available.

Also, we’re going to be playing a show together (as in literally on stage together, not just in the same line up) in Denver on september 8th.
Here’s info on that:

A little “me” time

I figure now is as good a time as ever to just do a big post updating all of you on what I’ve been up to, musically. Since I get about five tweets/facebook comments a day saying shit like “Hey dewd, instead of posting jokes how bout you make some new music!”. First off, blow me. Secondly, I am and always have been steadily making music. So here’s a run down of some newer shit I’ve been involved with and what’s coming up:

By now you should know my newest album “interludes after midnight” BEEN out. Buy it on I-tunes, or at a store or from a guy in an alley…Whatever…just cop that shit…or go here:

I also have a free EP I did with Illogic (more on that later) that you can download here:

What else? Oh yeah, I did this remix for aesop’s single “Zero Dark 30”

as well as a remix for Billy Woods “DMCA”

There’s also this remix I did for Premrock and Willie Green:

Okay, and now the stuff that’s coming up…

Illogic and I have another free EP “Preparing for capture part 2” dropping September 4th. After that, we plan to drop the full length album “Capture the sun” in 2013.

I’m working on an album with Billy Woods that’s mostly been recorded. It’s gonna be crazy. It was originally gonna be an ep but we decided to just make it a full length. I’m very hyped about this album.

I’m doing albums with Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt as well. both of those projects are still in the early stages but they should get rolling very soon. Mike told me he’s gonna bring out the Evil Mike Eagle for this record, which I responded “You should call your self Open Mike Evil” to which he responded “STFU”. Whatever, it’s gonna be awesome.

There’s also the album I’m doing with my group “The Mighty Jones” , which consists of singer Joanna Erdos, Guitarist Damien Paris (he’s the guy who’s played guitar on all my solo albums) , Jeremy Gibson (aka Sir Jarlsberg but he also plays like 20 instruments), and myself.
This is a song from that album…It’s gonna be ten songs long.

Beyond that, I plan to hit the road in the fall. There is talk of me finally getting back to Europe in late september…but it will be mostly eastern euro dates so, if you live in france or the UK get your local promoters to come holler at the kid. I’d love to get out there again…it’s literally been almost ten years. Regardless, I’ll announce all those dates when/if they get solidified.

As for US dates, I’m still working on that but I got a show in S.F. in august:

Okay? Cool. Well…thanks for reading this and supporting me. I’ve enjoyed it all.

New video by Illogic and me!

Here’s a new video for the song “Poster boy” off of the “Preparing for capture” EP I did with illogic. If you don’t have it already, go download it…it’s free.

Also, I’d like to announce that we will be releasing another free EP
“Preparing for capture part 2” on September 4th! Whoop whoop!

“Preparing for Capture” By Illogic and Blockhead is here!

Hey everyone,
It’s june 5th and first release by Illogic and myself is here. It’s a free EP just giving you all a taste what we got coming in the future in the form of a full length called “Capture the sun”.
So, go download it. like I said, IT’S FREE, YO! Also, if you want a hard copy with a few bonus tracks and poster, you can buy that too for a measly $7.99. Regardless, both the free download link and the order form for the cd can be found here. Have at it!

Here are a few videos that we’ve had done from the EP thus for.

There’s also this, that was given away free a few months back. If you want it, just search for “illogic” on this blog.

New video by Illogic and me! “Caffeine Budget”.

Coming June 5th! The “Preparing for capture” ep by Illogic and myself. Above is the second video from it.
The Ep will be free but we’re selling a deluxe version with 2 bonus tracks and a poster, you can pre-order it right now
For more, here are some words from Illogic:

It’s been a long time coming….Blockhead and I have been working on music for the past 2 years trying to discover what our sound is going to be. We have worked hard to really try to find our own identity as a duo and not to try recreate what I’ve done with other producers and what he has done with other artists. We have pumped out a ton of quality music and have been talking about when the right time was to share some of our hard work with you the people that we do it for in the first place. We the time has come. For me personally this release is probably the most rewarding of my career because of all of the work that I have put into this project. Not only the writing of the songs, but the completing of the project from conception to completion makes proud that I could share this experience with Blockhead and now with you This is the first of a series all leading to our album “Capture the Sun” so keep a look out for part two coming really soon. I hope that you enjoy listening to this as much as we did creating it. Thank you for your continued support.

“Matter of minutes” by Illogic and me

Here’s a video and download link to Illogic and my upcoming ep “Preparing for capture”. It will be a free release that’s gonna drop in early june.
The plan is to drop a free ep or two and then release the full length album “Capture the Sun”.
We’re both really excited for all of this. Peep it.
To download:

Song of the day 3/8/12

Nightmares III By Open Mike Eagle Feat. Illogic and Marq Spekt
Here’s an awesome remix of an awesome song featuring three artist I both love AND am currently working with. We all win with this one.
Nothing more to really say about it. Download it and enjoy.

Free song from Illogic and Me

As you may know, I’ve been working on an album with Ohio MC Illogic called “Capture the Sun”. We’ve got about 30 songs recorded and plan on releasing a few free ep’s , as well as the official full length.
Because Illogic is in the christmas spirit, he decided to give away one of the songs on Bandcamp. This one, in particular, will not be available anywhere else so, you know, EXCLUSIVE SHIT BRO!
Download it here


Free illogic album! you should download it, bro.

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on music with my man Illogic. We have a ton of songs recorded and plans of releasing an album titled “capture the sun”as well as some bonus Ep’s (we have that much music made). He recently made an older album of his available for download so I figured I’d give you guys the heads up.
Here are his words on the history behind the album:

Here’s a direct link to the download: