My old hip hop 12’s in the form of a compilation vol. 2

As grinchy as I can be, there is still a part of me that is willing to give a little during this holiday time. A few weeks back I posted a compilation of songs I had on vinyl from the 90’s era of indie hip hop. Most were rare, some were just great songs. Here’s a link to that:
Here is the second , and final, volume. I wish I could make more but, to be honest, my hard drive crapping out a few years back lost a ton of these and most of the actual vinyl is packed away. So, this will have to do. Lucky for you guys, this one got bangers (not to be confused with “Bangerz”). This one goes back further than the previous as the Master Ace and Frescho songs date back to the early/mid 90’s. If you’re a hip hop nerd, this will be your shit. I promise.
Enjoy and merry fucking christmas or whatever.
1)No time to Chill: Labtekwon
3)I’m rhymin’: Mr Complex
4)Day one: D.I.T.C
5)Hot: John Forte
6)Pushin’ Orbits: Sub Con
7)Ig’nant: Al Shid
8)Rollin’:Saukrates Feat Masta Ace and O.C.
9)The music of business: Ras Kass
10)The Session:The Arsonists
11)Sippin’ Brandy: King Sun
12)Sunroof top: Pace won
13)Go where I send the: Master Ace feat. Eyce U rock
14)Cranium: Gauge
15)Planet Brooklyn: Frescho

My old hip hop 12’s in the form of a compilation. Part 1

I haven’t done a compilation in a minute and I know how much you guys like free shit. well, talk a walk down memory lane with me. To many of you, this mix with feature a bunch of shit you have never heard before. To others, you’ll have it all and not give a fuck. But, hey, can’t please everyone.
What this is , is a collection of indie rap joints I own or once owned on vinyl. The range from extremely obscure to pretty under the radar. The time line goes from a few in the early 90’s to some in the early 2000’s. This shit is all over the map. Because some of these are vinyl rips (some are even cassette rips cause that’s all I had left) the sound quality may vary. I know how upset you audiophiles get but tough luck, dude. In my day, we listened to 5th generation cassettes dubbed off the radio, filled with hiss and we loved that shit.
So, this is one of two mixes I’ve compiled. No order. No theme. Just rap songs from a different era. This first mix is more west coast heavy but that’s purely coincidence.
Here’s a track listing and download link:
1)Outside Looking in: Darc Mind
2)L’chemy: L’roneous
3)8 Step agenda: Latyrx
4)U can’t escape the hypeness:BLVD Mosse
5)You’re late: The Cenobites
6)I am a record: The Derelicts
7)Bless Ya life: KGB
8)More Cheese: Bashton
9)Do you wanna hear it: The nubian Crackers feat. The artifacts
10)Brainstorm: Latee
11)Dope fiend: Ill Bill
12)Settle the score: Mr. Lif
13)Survival of the fetus: Messiah
14)Tru day: Puppets of chaos
15)After Dark: Pep love