ICP explains science

A long time ago, a good friend of mine Bought to my attention the “U” system for judging all things artistic. It’s a simple way to look at all artistic endeavours in a fair and non-snobby way. Basically, it gives everything a chance, while at the same time allows you to be just as much of a judgmental dickhead as you truly are deep inside minus all the pretentious guilt.
It goes like this:

On the left side of the U, we have all that is absolutely terrible. Things so bad, they are in fact good. Things like the movie Showgirls or the music of Mr. T.

On the right side of the U we have all things that are actually great and brilliant. Things like Picasso (if you’re into that kinda shit) and movies like “Raging bull” or “City of god”.

The lower you get on the U on either side, the closer you are to everything else. All the mediocre shit. That’s what the bottom of the U represents. This is everything that is neither here , nor there. Stuff like the music of Ne-yo or CSI tv shows. They’re far from offensive but how much can you REALLY like that kind of shit?
The point of the whole idea is that the best and worst things out there, share the same space. I’m just as entertained by a masterwork of an artiste as I am by something a clueless retard on youtube made by accident. In fact, I’d say i tend to prefer the bad stuff to the actual good stuff in many instances. I’d say that cause the bad stuff has that blind , delusional optimism that only a truly stupid person can have. There is nothing pretentious about it. Where as, even in the best music and films, there’s always a slight air of superiority , whether you wanna admit it or not.
All this bring me to something I recently saw that rests firmly atop the left side of the U. So , so , so good. I mean, the type of thing that will leave a grown man speechless.
Here’s what I’m talking about:

I mean, WOW. Move over Stephen hawking, ICP is here to let you know why shit is the way it is.
Mountains, trees, the seven seas, and everything chillin’ underwater? please. Fuckin’ rainbows? Fuckin’ magnets? Shit that’ll shock your eyelids. for real.
It’s all magic.
You can’t even hold it, it’s just there in the air.