Yay or Nay: Isaiah Rashad

This might be one of those situations where I just stumbled upon someone who is already totally established so , you know, forgive me if that is the case.
Today’s “Yay or Nay” Is Isaiah Rashad, who is part of the T.D.E. Crew Aka probably one of the most respected rap crews in hip hop right now. Between Kendrick Lamar and SchoolBoy Q, they pretty much have shit locked down right now. Trust be told, I like Schoolboy Q but have never been able to get into Kendrick. This is not to say he’s not a good rapper. In fact, he’s undeniably good. For some reason or another, I just can’t get into his voice or something. Really, I dunno what it is. But I pride myself on not being one of those internet assholes who can’t differentiate between my personal taste and reality. Without question, that dude is insanely talented. But I digress…
This is about Isaiah Rashad. Rashad is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Not a known hotbed for hip hop. His style is both down home yet as aggressive as anyone else you might hear affiliated with T.D.E. I think what jumped out at me first was his taste in beats. Somewhat Jazzy and laid back. They definitely compliment his style nicely.
Yes, he is a rapper that will say the word “Bitch” and talk about “smoking weed”. If this is an issue for you, then I suggest you skip him. Also, welcome to rap music, pussy. (Sorry for continually harping on this but you guys have no idea how much it bums me out that I have to deal with people being offended by the content of regular rap music week after week in this column)
Here are two songs of his I’ve been into.

So, what do you think?