The Machine

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Over the last year or so , I’ve been listening to much less music and way more comedy podcasts in my Ipod. It’s great for the gym, long flights or falling to sleep to.
Anyway, there’s this one clip off of the Joe Rogan podcast I’ve been watching over and over lately and I figure , since I don’t have anything else to post today, I might as well share it with you good people.
The clip is Rogan interviewing comedian Bert Krieshcer. Bert isn’t a particularly famous guy but you may recognize him from the travel channel show “Bert the conquerer” , where he goes on crazy thrill rides a screams a lot. Anyway, Bert is a great story teller and also a famously huge drunkard.
This clip is him telling the story of when he went to Russia on a school trip and become known as “The machine”.
As a bonus, it’s animated by the people from South Park. I realize this isn’t exactly a super low profile clip so, if you’ve seen it, my apologies but to those who haven’t , enjoy.