Yay or Nay? Joyner Lucas

A common complaint a lot of you guys have when I post these “yay or nay?” rappers is “But he’s not really saying anything!”. It’s funny cause ,being a rapper and having a message or songs that were truly a concept, was once something a lot more people strived for. Any rapper worth his salt would have a song or two where they tried to take a deeper stance than just rapping about rap, bragging or talking about the dirt they do. That was a different time though. Things change. The value of rapping ,itself , has lessened. Some people still wanna hear #barz but mostly people are more into a song as a whole than a concept. The hook. The beat. Can they turn up to it. Basically, what I’m saying is, ain’t nobody got time for that thoughtful shit. At least that’s how it would seem.
I realize this mindset doesn’t represent everyone though. There are still people out there who seek substance in rap music. I honestly can’t even tell where I stand on that anymore cause part of me requires a little substance but the other can step back and take a song at face value, judging it from there. I feel like both sids of this coin are necessary. We need high and low brow. We need a song where someone digs deep into an idea as much as we need a song where some drunk guy just says whatever the fuck he wants but it sounds good. They both serve a purpose and have value.
I say all that to introduce Joyner Lucas, from Worchester, Mass. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a rapper this focused on concepts. Every song is a different topic. Some told from his perspective, some from someone else’s entirely. I gotta say, if nothing else, his dedication to working on ideas is impressive. And, luckily, he’s clearly intelligent enough to put these concepts off. I think , in the past, an issue I’ve had with conceptual rap song is that the artist isn’t quite smart enough to tackle the idea with the depth it deserves. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Joyner.
Check it out…

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