Song of the day 1/28/11

On the road Again REMIX By The Jungle Brothers (feat. Q-Tip)

Yeah dude, I am on the road. So I chose this song. Not exactly rocket science. Great song though. Somehow, I imagine the Jungle Brothers and Q-tip’s touring experience to be slightly different than mine though. I’m not sure if that means it had more incense and “chill vibes” or if it was a non-stop drug fueled orgy but I just see it as different. I suppose I’ll never know.

Song of the Day 9/18/10

Feelin’ Alright By The Jungle Brothers

People are often surprised when I tell them one of my all time favorite albums is “Done by The Force Of Nature” by The Jungle Brothers. This album was huge for me when I got it. Not only did it expand my horizons as a rap fan , it also was one of the first album to make me take a closer look at production. On their first album (Straight Out the Jungle) The J.B.’s were one of the first groups to really utilize breaks. On this album, they raised the bar. Great shit all around. It’s still one of the few abums I could bump front to back with no problem (even the highly questionable song “you make me sweat”)

Song of the day 6/28/10

718 Kit By The Jungle Brothers

The Jungle Brothers album “Done by the forces of nature” is probably one of my all time favorites. When it came out , I pretty much listened to it all the time for a year. They followed up with an album called “J.Beez with the remedy” which was a pretty terrible album. Sure, some people will try and tell you it was some next level shit but the reality is it was a complete mess with MAYBE 2 decent songs on it. Don’t believe the hype! anyway, This particular song came out between those two albums and was pretty much the last Jungle Brothers song I liked (they’ve had a few decent songs since then but nothing remotely close to anything on DBTFON). It’s off the “livin’ Large” soundtrack and Jungle Brother mc Afrika actually had a supporting role. That in itself is pretty amazing.