Shitty news. My Shows in Munich and Kiev are cancelled. Here’s why:

this sucks lolcat
Hey everyone.
There’s a good chance this post will have nothing to do with anything you give a shit about but there’s also some shit in here you may wanna know before you learn a lesson the hard way, like I did yesterday.
So a funny thing happened to me at the airport yesterday. I was there to catch a flight to Munich for a show that would have been happening today. As I rolled up to the ticket lady and placed my huge merch filled bag to get checked, She took a quick look at my passport and told me I can’t get on the flight. Wait…what? Surely my passport is valid. It expires at the end of this month. That’s in three plus weeks. Well, apparently, many countries in Europe won’t accept Passports with less than six months left of validity on them. Germany, Belgium, Hungary and france all being places that work under those rules. Also, places I am supposed to play over the next two weeks.I pleaded with the woman with hopes of finding any possible loop hole that could fix this problem. There was nothing. She told me, if I flew to germany with this passport, I’d be turned away and sent right back. She then tried to start booking me a flight for tomorrow like I can just make a new passport appear out of thin air but I stopped her cause it was useless. My show in Munich was/is a wrap. Now, this sucks for many people. The promoters, the people who were gonna come see the show, Dj Cam (who I was playing with) and myself. Aside from putting many people out, losing money of both my own and other peoples, it’s just an all around shitty situation. The whole thing is a fucking nightmare.
I raced home and , with lots of help of from my girlfriend, tried to get info on procuring a new passport first thing in the morning (it was already after 5 pm where I was). Munich was impossible but maybe I could still salvage my show the next day in Kiev. At this point, all the flights I had booked for me via the promoters and tour budget were fucked and I’d be buying whatever flight myself. Well, turns out, in order to get a passport in 24 hours in NYC, you need an appointment. There were no appointments in NYC until december 11th. So that was out. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that this tour I’ve been looking forward to was fucked cause of some random rule that I didn’t know existed. Had I known, I could have easily had a new passport by now. I mean, what’s the fucking point of having a expiration date if that’s not the expiration date across the board? I get they have their reasons but…jesus christ…fuck all that. They could see when I was returning. It’s not like I was gonna stay past that date. The return flight was booked!
But I digress…So, through the brilliance of my girls internet savvy , we found a way to get a new passport via the mail. Only problem is I won’t have until tomorrow morning. Meaning, I can’t leave the country until Friday which means my show in Kiev is also an impossibility.
Where it all stands now is that I’m waiting to get the go ahead to buy a flight to Budapest to do my saturday show in Pecs. Then continue on the rest of week as planned. As far as I know, that’s the plan going forward. Obviously, if these last few days have taught me anything, nothing is guaranteed so even the Pecs, Hungary show could be at risk. I won’t know till I book the ticket and receive my new passport. Can you even book an international flight without a passport? Shit. I guess I’ll find out.

I’ve missed shows due to weather and cancelled flights before and it’s never fun. When things are out of your hands like that, it’s definitely a helpless feeling. But this one stings more cause it was over some bullshit that should never have been an issue in the first place. Not a storm. Not a hurricane or a bunch of cancelled flights. It’s my fault but , at the same time, how the fuck was I supposed to know that was a rule? The whole thing makes me feel sick.
So, to anyone involved in the shows in Munich or Kiev and to the people who were going to attend, as well as DJ Cam and My booking agent , Lothar, I deeply and sincerely apologize. If there was any way to right this I would but the bureaucracy simply makes that impossible. Only in america. The irony is that, even though this rule is being enforced by europeans, had this happened to someone in a european country, they’d have a much easier time getting the super quick passport renewal. Ughh…
All i can say is I’m sorry and , hopefully, I’ll get to make it up to all people who were affected by this. If anything else falls apart concerning this, I’ll surely let people know. But, for now, I just hope to finish out the other dates the best I can. Updates will certainly follow.