Song of the day 1/26/12

Out getting Ribs By King Krule
This hasn’t been a very rappy week on the blog so, if you’re here for that, I apologize. Don’t worry, things will get back to their rappy ways in no time.
This weeks song of the day may or may not be a well known song. I really don’t know. I suppose it depends who you are. If you’re like me, it’s pretty new. What sets it apart from my typical “song of the day” choices is that it’s a new rock (I guess that’s what you could call it) song. The artist is a young ginger from the UK, formally known as Zoo Kid, but now known as King Krule. I’ve heard he’s 17. That could be true…or not. I dunno. Look it up if you really give a shit. All I know is that he looks 13, is the gingeriest ginger alive but sings like he’s Joe Strummer.

You know when you hear and song and immediately know you’re going to be singing it in your head for the rest of the week? This was that song for me. And, it’s rare that i like much new music, let alone some rock shit. It’s never been my flavor but this type of song is right the wheelhouse for me. It’s bluesy, it’s melancholy, and somewhat off center. I dunno..I hope you rap loving people can appreciate something like this and not turn it off the second you watch the video above cause it looks like a baby Rick Astley is about to serenade you.
as a bonus, here’s some live footage of this song where, mid song, he tunes his guitar on stage. Dunno why but I fucking love that he did that.