Song of the day 9/9/11

Hum Deez Nuts By King Sun

This is one of those songs I just totally forgot about that randomly popped up on my ipod this week. I’ve always been a King Sun fan. This song was a departure from his social minded music , like his biggest hit “Be Black“. For what it’s worth, King sun was a humungous dude (I believe he was around 6’7”) who liked popping shit. This shit popping led him into numerous hip hop related beefs. As conscious a rapper as he could be, I always felt the shit talking suited him perfectly fine. This song is a shining example of that.
If nothing else, it’d got some words of wisdom we can all abide by:
“I never let the worst things in life get the best of me
Take the testes and…uh…open sesame” Word.