Yay or Nay: NxWorries

This dude Anderson Paak has had quite a couple of years. He’s all over the place. From working with underground dudes like Jon Wayne to pretty much stealing the spotlight on Dr Dre’s “Compton” album. It’s pretty cool to see someone able to play both those roles with success. He’s a singer who kinda raps but more so just sings in a rappish manner. It’s hard to put my finger on but it’s pretty addictive once you catch the mood.
He recently dropped an EP with producer Knxwledge on stones throw under the group name NxWorries. I’m fucking with it. Curious what you guys think…
This first video is just so damn likable, I can’t see this one getting bad feedback but you soulless bastards have surprised me in the past.

So, what do you think?