Song of the day 6/15/12

The Wreckoning by Latyrx

Latyrx was one of those groups that that had a profound effect on me as a younger hip hop head. They arrived at a perfect time when I was seeking out more experimental styles of rapping, partially cause I was trying to figure out my own angle. I have a distinct memory of getting high out of my brain with with my boy Stinke and listening to the debut Laytrx album in my crib. I had heard half of it already due to singles and leaks but it all felt brand new. I mean, I was pretty high so you honestly coulda played me marching band music and I’d be into it…but that’s not the point. I always marveled at this duo’s ability to constantly raise the creative bar. It was as if they were literally saying “Okay, no one’s ever done this before…let’s try it”. In a time where rap was pretty much cemented in it old school values, this was a breath of fresh air.
Sometime between then and now , the stylistically complex rappers that I worshipped (Latyrx, freestyle fellowship, Project blowed type stuff) stopped resonating with me how they had in the past. I didn’t find myself going back to much of their classic work that had pretty much been some of my favorite shit in the mid to late 90’s. I still loved the music and respected the hell out of the artists but , for some reason, the older I got, the less I craved complex styles. Perhaps, as you get older, you just want to simplify everything. Who knows?
With this in mind, there is a song that has long popped into my head consistently over the years. It’s Lateef’s masterpiece “The Wreckoning”. I have a terrible memory for lyrics but I’m pretty sure I could, to this day, rattle off this first verse with ease. On a weekly basis the words “Look bitch, you know I’m coming tight…” pop in my head and I seriously have no idea why. It’s been like 15 plus years. The funny thing is that the real treasure of this song to me is the second verse. It’s a creepy and weird “battle” verse describing what happens to your body when you die. I believe I recall reading that Lateef worked in Science lab or something cause that would make perfect sense.
Anyway, this is a case of a literal song of the day, in the sense that this was the first song that popped into my head when I woke up this morning. Enjoy.