Song of the day 5/25/12

Grumpy Crocodile By The LikNuts
I can’t front, I’m pretty hard on when older rappers try and stay relevant. This is mostly due to the poor track record many of my rapping hero’s have had in trying to keep their careers afloat. However, sometimes I’m given a pleasant surprise. A while back in was in the form of a Diamond D song and most recently, it’s reuniting of two of my favorite group from my youth (well, my 20’s). The LikNuts (best name ever? it’s up there) are what happen when you mike the Beatnuts and the Alkaholiks. This song is silly, fun and just all around a good listen. Hearing them all rap back and forth really bought me back to the days when I’d buy a new album and listen to it front to back, hanging on every word. If they’re making a whole album of shit like this, sign me up.