Blockhead live 2012

So, a common question people ask me at shows is “Hey, are you gonna upload this set anywhere?” To which I typically respond “Nope” cause, in 2017, my live show is really one of the last ways I can rely on making money as a musician. So, you know, I gotta keep my shows exclusive so people have a reason to come see me play. It may be flawed logic but I’ve always ran with that. Welllllll…Perhaps I’m getting softer in my old age but I figured I change my ways…kinda. I happened upon a recording of an old set of mine. I don’t know where it was from and the only clue was “2012”. It’s a little under an hour but it gives you an idea of what I typically do live. Mixing and matching parts of all my records, as well as throwing in stuff from all over. Soul, hip hop, even country music. Nothing is out of bounds. I’ll also add that the levels and quality of the mix aren’t perfect (I didn’t record it so I didn’t get to fine tune any aspect of any of how it sounds). So keep that in mind if the levels seem iffy at times.
So, yeah, this ones for all the people who’ve been asking over the years. My hope is that you’ll hear this, think it’s cool and come see me do it lives sometime. So, lemme roll these dice right quick…

I got some shows Coming up! Burlington/Montreal/Buffalo

Hey guys, I just wanted to alert all of you who would like to see my live that I’ve got three gigs coming up in February. I realize it’s a month off but it’s never too early to start promoting…
I’ll be doing three gigs (may be adding a few more, we’ll see)
2/23 Burlington VT – Club Metronome
2/24 – Montreal (Canada) – Le Belmont
2/25 – Buffalo, NY – Soundlab

So come join me. Say hi. Dance. Cry. Do whatever it is you do at shows. Just show up.
I’m already investing in some new winter gear for these shows cause I hear it’s ungodly up there in February.

Live in NYC 2004

Here is a recording of a show i did in NYC in 2004. It’s been floating around the net for a while now but I figured I’d throw it up here cause people frequently ask me for links to it.
It’s one long 50 plus minute track of me on abelton. It includes a few songs off of “Downtown Science”, but for the most part, it’s all wacky mass ups using my own music and random stuff from all over.
so, here it is: