Peep the Tinsletown Remix Feat. Lodeck and Marq Spekt

By now, I hope you’ve peeped the album I did with Billy Woods called “Dour Candy”. If not, get on that shit. I’m Biased but, fuck that, it’s really good.
Anyway, I did a remix of the song “Tinsletown” which features Woods, Lo Deck and Marq Spekt. As a tip of the hat to the good old days when people would put out remixes that were, in fact, totally new songs, the beat has been re-imagined and all the verses are original. Peep it!
Also, peep the “Crocodile Tears” remix after it. Another banger.

Song of the 6/3/11

Darkside Blues By LoDeck

LoDeck is a dude I’ve know for years who I’ve worked with more than I think people realize. Born in Russia, he came over the America shortly after the explosion in Chernobyl. I could be remembering wrong but I believe he told me he saw the smoke billowing as he was be driven away from where he lived. Real shit, bro.

Anyway, Deck has always been an under appreciated MC. I’d suggest you look into his shit if you haven’t heard it. His album’s “Bash It”, “Dream Dentistry” and “Postcards from the 3rd rock” are all dope and there are more whose names I’m forgetting that are also good. I swear, I think I have early Alzheimer’s.
I’m not sure what album this song is from but it’s a great introduction to him. It’s pretty much his “how I became the way I am” song. Considering Deck is a tad nutty, it explains a lot. I love that kinda shit. I also love the beat (Which I didn’t make) that flips a nice “Cry me a river” sample. Good shit.

LoDeck has a go at my Throwaway files.

I’m on Volume 5 on my “Throwaway Files” series (Vol. 6 coming next week) and my old friend and great rapper LoDeck has taken it upon himself to record on some of those tracks. In fact, he recorded a whole short little album with them and named it “Fresh Boris of Bensonhurst 2: The mini-bar, mini concoctions for maximum impact”. It was all recorded at his crib and isn’t super great quality but that’s kinda the point for things like this.
I don’t wanna give it all away cause it’s gonna be for sale at some point. so, instead. here’s a brief sampler
1)Fresh boris of Bensonhurst
2)i-T!! (Movin’ in the chorus)
3)Inferno is 2 rooms
4)Nunchucks (bad man)

For more info on LoDeck, peep his website: