A gift from Aesop Rock and I to ring in the new year

Turns out, Aesop and I had another lost song laying around. Who knew? Turns out, it’s kinda fun. It’s a song called “Try not to die” and it’s from around 2000. Pre-labor days/post Float era.
While I can see why we never released it, it’s definitely something I feel fans of Aesop will be into.
Check it out over at Aesop’s website 900Bats.com
It’s streaming and you can download it.

The Original “Bent Life” Featuring Slug and Eyedea

A while back, I had mentioned in this post that the original version of the song “Bent life” was actually something completely different. It was a song that featured Slug and Eyedea that got scrapped due to lack of focus. Until now, this song had never been heard outside of a small handful of people but Aesop just threw it up for download on his website 900 Bats. Go get “Thorns” here

RIP Michael “Eyedea” Larsen. He was a cool dude and making this song (and others) with slug and Aes was a lot of fun. This was before any of us had really realized what we were a part of. Before making music had any pressure involved, back when it was just us having fun doing something that we loved.