Olivia Munn is the best

Anyone who knows me, knows i fucking love me some Olivia Munn. For those who don’t know her, she’s the co-host to a show called “Attack of the show” on the g4 network. it’s a nerdy free for all of a show but , it’s actually pretty entertaining…and she’s on it…so i watch it.
Munn has been pegged as “the hot nerd” or “every nerds favorite” kinda like princess leia for the next generation. While i see why this is the case, I’d argue that she’s not so much a nerd as she is just kinda wacky in the best way possible.
I think the thing about Munn is that she’s over all just very likable. even my girl approves. That says a lot cause girls can’t wait to shit all over whoever is getting sweated by guys at the moment. But munn gets the pass.
I have a feeling she’s gonna get a lot more famous in the next year or two (cause she’s cute/hot AND funny) so i just wanna lay claim right now.
ok, now that i’m done fawning over her, here are some video clips that i hope will help shed light on why Munn is my #1 girl.