Song of the day 8/29/10

Move something By M.O.P.

So, My girl moved into my apartment today. Living in sin, 4-REELZ.
So, while this song isn’t exactly about that topic, it does explain what we did all day. We moved some….things.mainly boxes filled with girl crap!

Song of the day 7/9/10

The Mastas By Freddie Foxxx Feat. MOP

Possibly the ruggedest combination ever committed to wax. On top of that, it contains two of the most threatening yet :pause: worthy lines ever by Billy Danzini.

“since it’s a brand new year, I gotta brand new attitude
and a brand new way to come at a dude”
“If you don’t know me then don’t act like you do
and if you plan to blow me, you better act like you don’t want to”

If any other rapper said these two lines, I imagine they’d mean something completely different but when Danzini screams them in your face, it’s pretty clear he’s not talking about a secret romance. Not even in a “jail” kinda way.