Yay or Nay? This new Mac Miller/Jay Electronica song

Hmm…Something weird is going on with Mac miller. I’ve never been a fan of him and I don’t see that changing anytime soon…but something is evolving with him lately. First he does a drugged out song with Earl (This joint) and now he does this strange song with Jay Electronica. You can say one thing for the kid, he’s got good taste in rappers and enough money and/or connections to make songs with them happen. Wait, that’s two things. anyway…
So, the weirdness that’s going on is that Mac has been doing this thing where he raps with really good rappers and ends up trying to sound like them on the track. While this is a little corny of him, it’s also made him a much more listenable rapper. Only problems are that
a)He’s still Mac Miller
b)His flow may change (for the better) to suit whatever rapper he’s paired with but his actual rhymes are still pretty worthless.
That said, at least he’s embracing getting weird, which I always support. I don’t know the kid at all and don’t wanna speculate but it sounds like he’s doing a ton of drugs and that’s changing the way he approaches music. Honestly, it’s worked for others…might not be the worst idea for him.
Oh, did I mention the elusive Jay Electronica is on this? I’m a big fan and him killing it is not shocking. This one is right up his alley and he seems to be right where he wants to be on the track.
So, I’m curious, what do you think of this song? It definitely caught me off guard. Also, please be honest and don’t take my opinion on this song as I’m leading you. I’m actually curious if , perhaps, this song is just straight up good and I’m being too hard of Mac miller. If you like this (or him), don’t be shy. Perhaps he’s turned a corner and I refuse to admit it. It’s not impossible.