You like Nina Simone? Check this out. I did a little mix/mash/up/song

For the last couple years , during live shows, i’ve been doing a variation of this Nina simone mash up. Basically, I took a bunch of different samples from her catalogue and made one song out of them. I’m bout ready to retire it from my live set so I figure I might as well release it into the world.
I made downloading possible but there’s a limit at 100 so, just in case, here’s an alternate link to download it.



So, this website and/or dj (no clue, i didn’t really investigate) just did this mash up of a song I did with DJ Signify called “1993”. They put the Kanye/Lil’ Wayne song “Barry Bonds” over it and I’m not really sure what to think about it.

While it’s no secret I’m not the biggest Lil Wayne fan, I can actually admit that I think Kanye has not only made a grip of really dope songs but he’s also rapped really well in the past. I think he sounds good on this song. Maybe I just get excited when I hear rappers over samples and breaks and not bleeps and bloops and lil’ jon drums. I dunno. You make the call: Yay or Nay?