Offensive songs are offensive.

This is not AS bad as it seems. If you watch/listen to this without full attention, you might think this is the ruffies theme song. I know, the first time I perused it , my eyes widened and I was like “This can’t be real…they made a song about drugging and raping women?!?!?!”. I mean, the song about cumming on girls backs was a huge hit. It almost made sense that things would evolve into the pro-rape song. I’m kinda surprised there isn’t a dance made up for it. Upon further listens, it’s not that grim. The drug of choice is Molly aka MDMA. So, while they are indeed drugging that hoe, at least she’s not passing out and getting gang raped by a bunch of dudes who require sub titles to understand (I call this being DEEPLY southern). Nah, she’s just getting horny like a raver. So, while they may be using the drugs to get her in the mood, at least she’s awake and, at worst, she’ll just REALLY REALLY regret everything she did the night before.
This got me thinking about what the most offensive songs ever are. This is a tall building to climb.
I figure I’d rattle off a few of my all time top offensive rap songs to give you guys a brief lesson on how deep things can get…
1) Hey Mister- Kool G Rap

For my money, this is the #1 all time more offensive rap song. Not only is about beating women, but it’s about the joy of doing it in public. The whole message is “hey dude, when I’m kicking the shit out of my girl in the middle of the street, keep walking…this is between us”. The first time I heard this , it was played on the Stretch and Bobbito show. I have a feeling they didn’t even know how crazy it was cause they apologized for it towards the end of the song. I’d like to think this song was made in jest. I really would. Kool G rap has always had a very dark sense of humor so it would fall in line with that…I REALLY REALLY hope that’s what it is.

2)Behind the scenes: MC Ren

People talk of Slick Rick’s story telling abilities but this is some next level yarn spinning right here. In this song, Mc Ren laments on his more innocent high school years. The good old days when he and all his friends wanted to fuck that one prissy girl that didn’t talk to anyone. They end up following her home one day only to catch her fucking both her parents. A family that fucks together…umm…I forget how that saying ends…Anyway, as all good stories come to a close, this one end with Ren and his 10 friends jumping through the window and joining in on the incestuous orgy. Obviously.

3)Mind of a lunatic: The Geto Boys

This one is all about Bushwick bill. Looking back, this song was very calculated and they did what they did for a reason. In the early 90’s, there was a huge fight over free speech in rap music. They put parental advisory stickers on albums and tried to ban the 2 live crew in florida. But, by doing all this, it also kicked peoples record sales through the roof. Because of this, some of the more savvy yet demented groups figured out that the more crazy you get, the more controversy happens and the more music you sell. It became a thing where groups would be trying to out do the other with how crazy they could get. The geto’s boy angle? Oh, nothing…just a song about raping a girl, murdering her and then fucking the corpse. At least in Bushwick bill’s verse. Granted, this was all done as a “Portrait” but try explaining that to christian conservatives. Still, even for those of us who got it, this was pretty fucking extreme.

4)I Luh huh: Akinyele

This is one of those touchy songs about abortion. It’s kinda the opposite of that Common song from his third album. In both songs, men are going through the thought process of what to do now that they have a pregnant girlfriend. In Common’s case, he opts against the abortion cause he feels life is sacred for whatever. Akinyele is not so spiritual about the topic. This is more of a love letter to abortion. What begins as a song where a guy is maneuvering through the emotions of possible fatherhood slowly morphs into the Ak-HA-HA giving a laundry list of how he may or may not handle the situation…
“Find chucky if you want Child’s Play, i’ll give your ass an hangar and drop you off in the alleyway” is obviously what every budding new mom wants to hear out her boyfriends mouth.

5)Return of da baby killa: Brother Lynch Hung

Following with the unwanted abortion theme, we have Brother Lynch hung’s song about…umm…shooting a girl in her vagina with a gun? Or maybe just killing babies in general…and then eating them.
Much like the Geto boys big upping rape/necrophilia , this was the theme music for all those people who needed a cannibal theme song about children. Still waiting on the beasteality banger though…

Now, these were just five I pulled off the top. I’m sure , in the annuls of rap, there are some ore truly horrific rap songs about fucked up things I can’t even fathom. But these will have to do.
The funny thing about these songs though is that they are so clearly fictional that it really isn’t THAT offensive. When you compare them to the song “Drug Dat hoe”, they’re actually kinda sweet. I’m pretty sure Bushwick Bill never raped a corpse. I’m also pretty sure Akinyele never kicked his preggo baby moms in the belly. But , at the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked if John Boy and Shawty boy have indeed drugged more then a few hoes in their lives. While giving a girl MDMA so you can fuck her is obviously way less of crime than anything said in any of these songs, the fact that it’s real is actually a hair more frightening. But, then again, that’s what happens when you’re rolling with Shawty boy. Rule #1 of hanging with John boy and Shawty boy? Never leave your drink unattended.

Also , as a bonus, here’s the most comically offensive song ever. Gangsta Nip 4 LYFE.

Song of the day 1/14/11

Ballad of a menace By C.P.O.

C.P.O. was basically MC Ren’s body guard given a record deal. Lil’ Nation was the rappers name and , while he wasn’t particularly good at rapping , he was a massive human being who kept Ren out of trouble. Why not give him a deal? That said, this song was always my shit. Perhaps due to Ren absolutely murdering his verse the way only MC Ren can. The beat is dope to, as it’s a slightly different spin on a much used Isaac Hayes sample. This is just some good old early 90’s pre-G-funk west coast gangster shit. What’s not to love?

Song of the day 2/22/10

Kizz my black azz By MC Ren
Next to Willie D, Mc ren is probably one of my favorite rappers ever.
Here’s the title track to his first solo ep.
If you love MC ren like i do, do yourself a favor and go here:

it’s pretty much his entire catalogue. Can’t really be mad at that, huh?