Welcome to the dollhouse

The internet is a funny place. Without it, I’d imagine certain subcultures would never flourish like they do. Something like, I dunno, old men dressing up as goldie locks may seem foreign to you and me but, somewhere out there, there is a place were like minded adult male goldie locks enthusiasts go to parlay.
Enter “Doll forum”. My buddy Fat Jew posted this on facebook last night and I was blown away. Instead of explaining it off the bat, let’s just take a peek first:

Yes, this is a place where dudes who buy sex dolls go to talk shop. Aside from threads like the one above about taking their ladies on vacation, other topics include maintenance of the dolls (who’s vagina’s often need to be dealt with due to heavy usage). Or the glorious feeling one gets from waking up next to your doll.

The craziest thing is that all the dolls are referred to by their names and spoken of like real life girlfriends. I read one thread where a guy was going on about how his girl had a real attitude and was being bossy. I bet she was! But most of these write ups are just men in love , telling tales of their lifestyle. Like when this guy took his bitch on a romantic driving trip through whales…She looked great!
I’d like it to be known that the titling of that photo was “normal holiday”. Yup…just like normal. Driving around small towns in a hearse, with a lifeless rubber woman who you take pictures of and have sex with like a necrophiliac.

This is not like 5 people writing about this. This is a whole section of a forum dedicated to people who , at some point , felt like “I like human contact and all but fuck it…Lemme fuck this inanimate object instead”.
Now, the rational side of me tries to understand this mindset. Yes, these dolls have come a long way. They look real-ish. The bodies are surely shaped right. If i had one in front of me and I was in jail or something, I’d probably give it a whirl. Sure, I’m sure I’d wanna hang myself when I finished and was faced with cleaning it up and putting it back on it’s hook (or i it’s box), but still, I can sort of understand the curiosity behind trying one. But to own one and treat it like your girl? Wow.
I’ve known dudes who were fans of hookers who, somewhere down the line, may have confused their relationship with a hooker as something deeper, but that pales in comparison to this real life “Lars and the real girl” situation. It’s a level of delusion I don’t think I’ve ever encountered. It like meeting someone who is a food critic but only eats wax apples.
Fetishes are crazy like that. I guess we never really know what’s gonna turn the next person on. In a way, as pathetic as these doll fuckers are, at least they’re not harming other people. In fact, they’re probably so shut in to their world, I’d be surprised if they even talk to other people. And that’s where this forum comes in…A place for shut ins to discuss the loves of their lives and what kinda of DD7 is best for cleaning out their rubber twat holes.

For a more in depth (and utterly creepy) look inside the minds of doll fuckers, peep this (Thanks to DLG for directing me to these videos):