Have an opinion! Pick your favorite.

Every now and then, there are periods of time when a ton of good music seems to pop out of nowhere. Months can go by, with me listening to the same shit I had been forever then, all of sudden, a whole new crop of songs and albums for me to dig my teeth into appear. Not gonna front, soundcloud has really upped the ante on this cause it seems like artists I check for release a new song for the hell of it every month or so.
Anyway, I often like to take the temperature of what you guys are fucking with. So here are 7 songs I’ve been fucking with (many of the artists are favorites of mine you should be very familiar with if you follow this blog), in both video and soundcloud form. I’m curious what you like the most. There’s a poll after the songs and I know how much people like voicing their opinions online. Well, now is you chance. Peep them and lemme know.

Wiki-Livin’ with my moms

Shirt-Queens to Hollywood

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire-Gold mouth piranha

Michael Christmas- Look up/save the day

Your old droog-Basketball and seinfeld

Tree-D day

Fresh daily Feat Homeboy sandman- Bodybag

So, what’s your favorite of this batch? You can vote for more than one if you’re the indecisive type

Yay or Nay: Michael Christmas

I think about 6 months ago (or more) someone linked me to this guys music. I peeped it, liked it then forgot to follow up on it. That’s kinda how the cookie crumbles sometimes , I suppose. Well, it’s over half a year later and I’m happy to say I have rediscovered Michael Christmas. From what I hear, he’s a boston based MC who now lives in Brooklyn. Stylistically, the best way I can describe him is “likable”. He can rap very well, he’s funny, he’s got a good voice and has good taste in beats. But beyond that, he’s one of those mc’s who has a personality that shines through his music. it’s like listening to your buddy rap, if that buddy happened to be a really good rapper. I was torn as to even do this “yay or nay”, cause, to me, this is clearly a big “yay” but , who knows? I’m sure some of you pricks can find a reason to dislike anything. So, i’mma let you have your say in it as well. After all, this is a free country and your voices need to be heard , right?

Here’s his full album “Is this art?” streaming
So, what do you think?