Song of the day 1/11/13

Live and Stink by Mike Zoot

That Tony Bones post from earlier this week got me listening to a bunch of old indy shit I hadn’t heard in a while. One song that popped up was this joint by brooklyn (If i recall correctly) rapper Mike Zoot. Zoot had a bunch of 12″ records out back in the day and made a little buzz but it never really went beyond that. That was unfortunate cause I always felt he was a good rapper with an original style. This one in particular was always my favorite as the playful Buckwild beat went perfectly with Zoot’s carefree rhymes. This is one of those songs that certain lyrics of will just pop into my had to this day. Good stuff, bros.

Also, I was recently on the “Shot’s Fired” Podcast with Jeff Weiss, Nocando and Open Mike eagle. We discussed the history of rap alter ego’s. It’s got some really funny moments and, if you listen, you just might learn a thing or two.

Song of the day 5/19/10

Live + stink By Mike Zoot

I recently got into a discussion about semi-forgettable mid-late 90’s hip hop acts and Mike Zoot’s name appropriately popped up. Not to say Zoot was wack at all, but he was certainly part of the latter half of a movement that had lost steam. So, When his name came up, this song immediately popped into my head. Zoot had made many appearances on other peoples records , as well as released a bunch of 12” records to a moderate response. This song was always my favorite of his by far. It hinted at a quirkier side of his MCing that I feel like he never really fully realized.