Yay or Nay: Golden Rules Feat. Yesiin Bey

So, A month back I threw up a new song by Golden Rules and and asked you what you thought of Michael Biddines. A florida rapper who linked up with a producer from the UK (Paul White) to form “Golden rules”. I was impressed with Biddines off the bat but linking with Paul white seems like the perfect match.
A new song linked and , this time around, it features Yesiin Bey AKA Mos Def. Kinda caught me out there cause I had no idea dude had that kinda pull to get Bey on a track. Good for him.I should probably also point out that I have a strange relationship with Mos Def’s music. He’s a rapper I’ve always thought was extremely talented but, when it came to his recorded works, it never did much for me. I’d like to think it had more to with his production choices and borderline corniness but, at the same time, he’s undeniably good at both singing and rapping. So, while I never really seek out his shit, I won’t turn it off when it’s on cause you never know…you might get one of those songs where he absolutely blacks out and goes off. He’s certainly capable of that. i realize my take on Mos def isn’t exactly a popular opinion but, hey, that’s what it is. Sue me.
Anyway, this new song dropped with both these artists and, guess what? I like it a lot. Both rappers are great on it and the beat is pretty damn good as well.

So, what do you think? (you can pick more than one option)